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u003cbru003eSports glasses brands usually think of Oakley, Nike, Ouye, etc., but apart from these brands, PUMA sports glasses are also a good choice, so what about sports glasses brand PUMA? PUMA is a well-known sports brand from Germany. PUMA was founded in 1948 by Rudolf Dassler in Hosokin Milan, Germany. Before PUMA was established, Herzogenaurach (Hosokin Lawler) was still unknown. The main economy of the small town is still the traditional clothing industry. However, today, because it is the headquarters of the world-famous sporting goods-PUMA 'Puma' company, it is attracting attention. PUMA is written in Chinese as Puma, which means mountain lion. It is a large German multinational company that mainly produces shoes and sportswear. As a sportswear brand with a history of 68 years, PUMA has the first-line appeal and influence in the world. 1. PUMA began to produce glasses and sunglasses in 1975. PUMA's lenses are mainly resin lenses and PC lenses. Compared with ordinary lens materials, PUMA's PC lenses have extremely strong toughness and impact resistance, which can resist the impact of external forces to the greatest extent and avoid lens breakage during sports. Causes damage to eyes. PUMA's frames follow the ergonomic principles and incorporate the characteristics of Asian faces. The style is exquisite and elegant, simple and generous, and is very suitable for driving, fishing, climbing and other outdoor sports. 2. Each pair of PUMA glasses is manufactured through multiple processes, and the quality inspection before leaving the factory is also very strict to ensure product quality. In 1997, PUMA was awarded the Hong Kong 'Q-Mark' Quality Product Certificate (license number: T098-DG) issued by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries, which proved that the quality of PUMA products is excellent. The solder joints are guaranteed for life (except for human factors), the plating layer is covered for one year (according to international standards), and the spring part is covered for one year (according to international standards). Glasses brand 3.Puma Puma sunglasses mainly use resin lenses, which are hardened by a multi-layer polarizing film, so that the lenses are 100% protected against UVA, UVB, UVC intrusion into the eyes, and effectively block glare, blue light and other scattered light from penetrating The cornea enters the eye, taking care of the health of your eyes in all directions. The frame is made of the tough and ultra-light TR90 material, which can be bent at any angle. There is no need to worry about the frame breaking and damaging the face during exercise, and it is comfortable and safe to wear. The advanced technology is used to create silicone nose pads, which reduces the burden and squeeze of the bridge of the nose and makes it more comfortable to wear. Recommended Reading: A Complete Collection of Sports Glasses Brands, Let You Endlessly Related Reading: Sports Glasses Brand Glasses
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