How about the minimum order value for ODM products?

As Wenzhou Timeless Glasses does most of the ODM business online, we need to set a minimum order amount to ensure that the cost of shipping the ODM order is worthwhile for the business. Setting minimum order values can ensure that our cost of goods sold is not too high for each transaction. In essence, we are ensuring a minimum profit amount per order. As we provide high-quality ODMed products that may not be suitable for each customer in the market, we have to require the MOV for the ODM product. If customers have problems to ask about the term, please contact us.
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Timeless is well-known for its large capacity and stable quality for reading glasses manufacturers. Timeless's acetate sunglasses series include multiple types. Timeless acetate polarized sunglasses is developed by our R&D engineers who have developed systems that can reduce the harmful impacts of chemical refrigerants. This product is characterized by good air circulation between the skin surface and the environment. Good ventilation at skin level and the possibility of eliminating the excess humidity generated through perspiration.
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our team believes that by the aspiration of quality sunglasses, we can maintain effective growth in the long term. Get info!

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