How are the sunglasses clips used?

u003cbru003eSunglass clip is a polarized sunglasses specially designed for nearsighted people, which effectively prevents glare and ultraviolet rays. It is especially suitable for outdoor sports such as driving, outdoor and fishing. Using polarized lens technology, the visual resolution is greatly improved. So how are the sunglasses clips used? Recommended reading: Are sunglasses clips easy to use? 8006 Unisex Clip C6 Gold First of all, you must buy a quality-guaranteed clip to confirm whether the purchased product has the function of anti-ultraviolet rays. If there is no anti-ultraviolet function, but only has the filter function, it will not be able to block the damage of ultraviolet rays to the eyes. Several times to confirm whether there is a polarizing function, the polarizing effect helps us to better distinguish objects under strong light and reflected light, whether driving, skiing, or fishing can improve our visual effect. General external sunglasses clips will have this function, but in order to buy safe products, we can use the merchant’s polarized light test card to test, usually the water surface and fish patterns, wearing glasses can see the fish is polarized The effect of the lens. The last is to wear, it is very simple to wear as long as the clip is clamped on the myopia glasses and it can be used. Related Reading: Clip Clip Sunglasses Clips
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