How long will it take if I want sunglasses for swimming sample?

It depends on what kind of sunglasses for swimming sample is required. If customers are after a product that does not require customization, namely a factory sample, it will not take long. If customers require a pre-production sample that need customization, it may take a certain period. Asking for a pre-production sample is a good way to test our capability to produce products out of your specifications. Rest assured, we will test the sample before shipping to ensure it lives up to any claims or specifications.
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Wenzhou Timeless Glasses owns big factory to manufacture metal sunglasses, so that we can control the quality and lead time better. Timeless's titanium eyeglasses brands series include multiple types. Timeless custom kids optical frames is constantly inspected by the QC team. It is assessed in terms of the spectral properties of the light sources, filters, and sensors. Made of non-toxic materials, the product does no harm to users' skin. It is also eco-friendly, which helps save thousands of papers, pens, and even trees!
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With the guiding principle of reading glasses manufacturers, the development direction of theTimeless is clearer. Please contact us!

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