How many pairs of sunglasses should I choose to live up to the sun and summer?

u003cbru003eIn addition to watermelon, beer, and crayfish, sunglasses are standard in summer. Not only is it cool, but also this summer. How to face the scorching sun and the scorching sun without preparing a few popular sunglasses? Marni-ME603S glasses are in the shape of a unique five-pointed star. The unique shape and bright colors create a contrast effect at the same time, which is very eye-catching and eye-catching overall. ME603S product picture Marni-ME602S The round lenses of this spectacle are matched with the prominent frame lines, reflecting a unique sense of contour. Its metal temples combined with the eyebrow-shaped half-frame design bring a trendy personality to this series. MCM602SA Product Picture Calvin Klein Collection-CK8027S Sunglasses This is a style of aviator sunglasses designed with titanium nose pads. After its first appearance on the runway, it once again appeared in the latest advertising project of Calvin Klein Collection. The green lens has a unique and playful style, with a classic reverse hinge design, which is low-key and individual. Cool and handsome looks give you a different summer! CK2087S product picture Calvin Klein-CK3174S This eyewear is unique in design, uniquely made of transparent plate texture, reflecting the unique characteristics of the brand, slender temples with gradient lenses, this way A pair of glasses seems to make people feel a refreshing breeze, and cool for a summer. CK3174S product picture LACOSTE L790SOG, this LACOSTE specially launched L.12.12 special edition glasses series this year, paying tribute to the iconic polo design. The stylish design incorporates the color scheme inspired by the national flag and the crocodile logo, allowing sports fans from all over the world to support their national team. The series is equipped with 8 eyewear color numbers representing different countries, including: France, Brazil, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, the United States and Turkey. The eye-catching color of the glasses that represents Germany makes you different! L790SOG product picture This article is from China Optical Net, if you need to delete it, please contact Related reading: Fashion Sunglasses Fashion Sunglasses
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