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u003cbru003eHow much do sunglasses cost? The quotation of glasses includes two parts: frames and lenses. The quotations for different materials are different, usually ranging from tens to thousands. Don’t just look at the quotation for the quality of eyeglasses. Myopic friends should pursue outstanding visual effects. Usually, there are several types of eyeglass lenses, such as glass lenses, polymer resin lenses, PC lenses, bifocal lenses, trifocal lenses, progressive multifocal lenses, special glasses and composite lenses required by occupations, each lens is different from material to characteristics, from advantages to effects, from selection to quotation . At present, glass lenses and resin lenses are commonly used. Like the several lenses mentioned later, the materials used are more high-end, more versatile, and targeted at specific users, so the quotation for each lens is different. However, Hefei Preh ophthalmology experts reminded that no matter what kind of lens, it is necessary to do sufficient mydriatic refraction when fitting the lens. It is reliable to match the lens that suits your eye condition under the guidance of the doctor. YC9709 Women's Sunglasses C4 Tortoiseshell/Lens Grey Frames There are also many categories. Such as full-frame frames, half-frame frames, rimless frames, eyebrow frames, combination frames, folding frames, etc. According to the raw materials, there are plastic frames, metal frames and mixed material frames. Due to differences in crafts, materials, functions, etc., the quotation for each frame will be different. When we choose frames, we are not only to correct eyesight, but also to take into account the functions of beauty and decoration. Therefore, choosing a suitable frame is also very knowledgeable. From the size and shape of the frame to our skin tone, hairstyle, fashion elements, etc., all can be included in our thinking factors when wearing glasses. There are many eyewear brands, Baodao, Daming, Johnson u0026 Johnson, Haichang, Doctor, Tyrannosaurus, these are all brands we know, and they are also popular. Nowadays, glasses have already entered the high-quality product market, with tens of thousands of yuan each. There are also many glasses. But in any case, the main functions of glasses are nothing more than two, one is to assist vision, the other is as accessories. Glasses are not the more expensive the better, which can meet our needs, and the ones that suit us are excellent. Glasses. Related reading: Sunglasses brand sunglasses
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