How much do you know about the structure of sunglasses

by:Timeless Eyeglasses     2021-06-24
u003cbru003eNo one knows about sunglasses, and you can even talk about your own opinions, but when it comes to the structure of sunglasses, many people are dumbfounded! Today I will teach you to understand the structure of sunglasses: the structure of sunglasses u003d color + polarized light + mirror Reflective + anti-scratch + anti-ultraviolet coating color: The color of the sunglasses lens determines which part of the light spectrum the lens can absorb. Manufacturers use different colors to produce specific usage effects. Below we introduce a few good universal colors: 1. Gray is a good universal color. While reducing the brightness, its color distortion is small. Gray lenses provide glare protection, making it ideal for driving and general use. 2. Amber and brown are also good universal colors. They can reduce the glare effect. In addition to ultraviolet light, their unique molecules can also absorb higher frequency colors, such as blue. Studies have shown that long-term exposure to near ultraviolet light (such as blue and purple) is one of the pathogenic factors of cataract. This type of sunglasses will cause color distortion like yellow lenses, but will increase contrast and clarity. 3. The green lens can filter out some blue light and reduce the glare effect. Among lenses of all colors, green lenses can provide high contrast and large visual acuity, so they are very popular. Many sunglasses manufacturers use a process called constant density to dye their lenses. Regardless of whether the light is propagated, reflected, diverged or refracted, when the light is vibrating in one or more plane directions, we say that the light is polarized. The polarization process can be natural or artificially excited. The glare reflected from the lake surface is the light that fails to pass through the 'filter' of the lake water, which is why it is impossible to see objects under the lake surface even if the lake water is very clear. Polarizing filters are generally made by plating a chemical film on a transparent plastic or glass surface. In general, the molecules in the compound used are naturally arranged parallel to each other. When they are evenly coated on the lens, these molecules form tiny lenses that can absorb all the light in the same direction as they are arranged. The lens of mirror reflective sunglasses can reflect light like a mirror, and the lens is coated with a very thin layer of reflective paint-because this layer of paint is very sparse, it is called a semi-silvered surface. Generally, mirror paint is gradual, and the color depth of the paint gradually changes from top to bottom. This can enhance the resistance of the sunglasses to light from above, while allowing more light to enter from below and horizontally. This means that when you are driving, sunglasses can block the sun's rays while allowing you to see the dashboard clearly. Sometimes, the paint is double gradient, the upper and lower parts of the lens have a high color depth, while the middle of the lens is clear. But the key problem with reflective sunglasses is that the paint is easily scratched. Therefore, the anti-scratch layer is coated on the surface of the lens, and the reflective film is coated on the anti-scratch layer. As a natural eye protection mechanism, the cornea of u200bu200bpeople's eyes can absorb all the ultraviolet B and most of the ultraviolet A. Long-term exposure to strong ultraviolet light can cause eye cancer or actinic keratitis, which is a burn of the retina. This situation often occurs in the sunny outdoors after snowfall in winter. The snow surface reflects sun glare, so it is usually called snow blindness. Sunglasses have a good anti-ultraviolet coating, which can eliminate ultraviolet radiation. You must ensure that your sunglasses can filter out both types of ultraviolet rays well. The label of the sunglasses should indicate what degree of UV protection the sunglasses can provide, and what you need is 100% protection. After reading the above introduction, do you have a deeper understanding of the structure of sunglasses? Sunglasses use high-quality polarizers to give you a clear and healthy vision!
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