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Prada is a well-known luxury brand in Italy. Prada can be seen in many fields. Prada glasses have always given people a unique sense of taste, the overall sense of original Italian made. The unique fashion and fashion sense of Prada glasses are the standard equipment for many stars to dress themselves up. Among them, sunglasses are more popular among fashionable people. Let's take a look at the approximate price of prada sunglasses. The price of this retro model is about 1890 yuan. Prada retro sunglasses follow the usual big-name route of Prada sunglasses. They have strong feminine beauty and show youthful beauty in fashion and nobility. Retro-style auspicious cloud flower design, streamlined design, sexy and fashionable. Prada's unique logo design on the temples always shows the wearer's big-name style. The price of this model is about 1899 yuan. Prada is a neutral model. This neutral style of sunglasses is stylish and simple, with beautiful lines. It has both the strong characteristics of men and the gentle characteristics of women. The two are a perfect fusion , Do not have a flavor. Classic models The price of this model is about 1680 yuan. Prada classic sunglasses are elegant and generous in style, incorporating fashion elements into minimalism, blending classic and fashion, and revealing a sense of confidence in simplicity. Black is a high-key, cold, simple hue, complex and pure, pragmatic and romantic. Applying black to sunglasses is an eternal classic in the fashion industry. Black sunglasses are confident but unassuming, calm and attractive. Related Reading: Men's Sunglasses, Women's Sunglasses
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