How to apply eye makeup with sunglasses

u003cbru003eThose who pay attention to wearing sunglasses, eye makeup can not be ignored. When you wear dark sunglasses, the eye shadow should be thicker; if the color of the lens is lighter, the eye shadow should be applied broadly and lightly. The eyeliner is drawn black and clear, making the eye look through without lenses. In and deep. Use wide-lens sunglasses to enhance eye makeup. The method is to choose monochromatic eyeshadows that are similar in color to the lenses, from dark to light to make it looming; as for sunglasses with narrow lenses, the more natural the eye makeup is, the better. Applying eyeshadow in a round shape or the same size as your eyes is a very delicate method. If you wear framed sunglasses, the eye makeup should be more fashionable. In addition to the framed color as the eyeliner color, the eye shadow part can be emphasized with a contrasting color with the framed color. For example: the purple frame can be matched with pink eye shadow, the light blue frame can be matched with bean paste and grape red eye shadow, the pink frame can be matched with dark red and light red eye shadow, and the red frame is suitable with grape red eye shadow. The part looks more three-dimensional. The color of the lipstick can also match the color of the lens. Contrasting colors or colors of the same color, or based on the color of the frame, all make the entire face contour attractive. Related Reading: Sunglasses Brand Sunglasses
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