How to buy sunglasses: the matching of sunglasses and face

u003cbru003eAlthough there are many brands of domestic sunglasses, there are very few brands that consumers can be well-known. In contrast, although many consumers do not choose imported sunglasses, they still know a little about some well-known brands, but not many people know about many domestic brands. Nowadays, sunglasses are more fashionable, and people who pursue fashion often choose glasses frames that match their facial shapes, which protect their eyes and also have a good decorative effect. So how do we choose sunglasses based on face shape? Sunglasses and face match Sunglasses as a fashion item, you must also consider the coordination of glasses and face shape, clothing, temperament, etc. when purchasing. Especially facial features have certain restrictions on the choice of sunglasses. The eyebrows have a decisive influence on the image of the face. The eyebrows are aligned with the upper end of the sunglasses frame and slightly higher than the frame is ideal. The upturned eyebrows and the tip of the eyebrows naturally cannot align with the sunglasses frame, but the eyebrows must fit the frame. It is not advisable to choose sunglasses with an upturned frame to avoid the funny feeling of 'upward' and 'upward'. At this time, you must choose sunglasses with a straight frame. Different positions of the eyes in the mirror will give people different impressions. Generally speaking, the upper eye position makes it seem daunting, and the lower eye position makes it funny. If the glasses are divided into two horizontally, it is better that the eyes are slightly above the 'demarcation line'. The eye position can be adjusted through the nose pads and temples of the glasses. The nose is the vertical line of the face. Emphasizing this line can enhance the three-dimensional sense of the face. People with short noses should choose sunglasses with the lens frame connector at the top; otherwise, they should choose sunglasses with the connector at the bottom, which can effectively 'shorten' the length of the nose. Sunglasses with high lens frame joints are also suitable for people with larger noses. If the frame does not touch the nose, and the frame itself is thinner, the effect is better. People with a slender face should have round glasses with a wider vertical width to make up for the 'defects' of the long face. The slender face is inevitably less 'soft'. You can choose lenses with warm colors such as pink or wine red to increase the softness of the face. The temples are designed under the lens of the glasses, so the length of the side of the face can be 'corrected'. With the help of sunglasses, the face shape can be 'improved' to a certain extent. A chubby round face is suitable for glasses with a thick frame. If you choose sunglasses with a slender and soft frame, you will 'add oil and vinegar' to make your face bigger. The lenses should also be dark, with the visual effect of 'tightening' the face. In addition, in the collocation of clothing and glasses, you can also choose a mix and match of similar styles, coordinated matching or different styles to show everyone's fashion temperament and combine sunglasses with the human body more perfectly.
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