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u003cbru003eHow to choose sunglasses to find the most suitable for you? In addition to choosing the style you like, you also need to carefully consider the color of the lens, because the color of the choice can protect the eyes. Through the filtering of sunglasses lenses, the color contrast seen by the eyes is different. If you choose colored lenses, it is not impossible, but you must distinguish the traffic lights when driving! The following editor will talk about the functions of different colored lenses. Ray-Ban RB3025 Unisex Sunglasses 001/58 Gold Frame Dark Green Film (Polarized) Gray: Effectively reduce the intensity of light without affecting the contrast of colors. Brown: It can enhance some color contrast and block blue light. The brighter the sky, the better it is to wear brown sunglasses, such as snowy sky. Yellow: This is a yellower color than brown. It can greatly enhance the color contrast and block almost all the blue light. But if you want to separate the traffic lights, you should not choose this. Red, orange: more suitable for cloudy days in winter. Purple: Suitable for people hunting on green grass. Bronze: It can harmonize the color of sky and grass at the same time, suitable for golf. Blue, green: can enhance the contrast of yellow, suitable for tennis. Besides, is there anything else to pay attention to besides color? Transmittance classification 1, 43%~80%. 2. 18%~43%. 3. 8%~18%. 4. 3%~8%. According to requirements, the transmittance of driving mirrors should be greater than 8%, so category 4 sunglasses cannot be worn for driving. For UV protection, the first three types of uva allow 5% transmission, and the fourth type of uva allows 0.5% transmission. UVB is allowed to pass through 1%. YC3028 Unisex Sunglasses C4 Flower Tortoiseshell Gold/Grey Lens Sunglasses Category 1, Light-colored Sunglasses, with a light transmittance of more than 40%. 2. Sun-shading mirror, light transmission 8%~40%. 3. Special purpose sunglasses (skiing, mountain climbing, beach, etc.), 3%~8%. Among them, light-colored sunglasses and sun-shading mirrors are required to identify traffic lights, and the three colors must be higher than 8%. Anti-ultraviolet label 1. Label 'UV400': This means that the lens can block ultraviolet and visible light with a wavelength below 400nm; as long as the ultraviolet light passing through the lens is less than 2%, it is considered qualified. 2. Mark 'UV' and 'UV protection': This means that the lens can block ultraviolet rays below 380nm; as long as the ultraviolet rays passing through the lens are less than 2%, it is considered qualified. 3. Mark '100% UV absorption': This means that the lens has the function of 100% absorption of ultraviolet rays; but in fact, the ultraviolet rays passing through the lens are less than 0.5%, and it is considered qualified. Related Reading: Sunglasses Brand Sunglasses Clip
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