How to choose sunglasses for myopia?

u003cbru003eFor myopic friends, do you especially want to change your myopia glasses and wear fashionable sunglasses when driving in the sun or traveling in the summer? But I took off my myopia, and I couldn't see what was in front of me with only sunglasses! Can not do without myopia, but also want to wear sunglasses. How can we have both? How to wear sunglasses for myopia? Industry insiders have given five solutions: Recommended reading: What should I pay attention to when choosing myopia sunglasses? 1: Contact lenses + sunglasses Note: In summer, you should choose contact lenses that are not easy to dry and monthly disposable ones. Advantages: Wearing contact lenses can match your favorite fashionable sunglasses at will, simple and convenient. Disadvantages: Not all people are suitable for wearing contact lenses, and there will be more restrictions on wearing contact lenses. Suitable crowd: Myopic groups who are used to wearing contact lenses. 2: Myopia glasses + sunglasses clip (plain) Note: The selected clip should cover the entire myopia lens. Advantages: economical and affordable, easy to use. When not in use, put the clip in the storage box on the car, which will not take up too much storage space. Disadvantages: The style of the clip is very small, and may not match the wearer's original myopia glasses. Suitable crowd: Myopic groups who don't care about appearance and occasionally need shading. 3: Precautions for myopia lenses: myopia lenses, that is, there is a pair of sunglasses lenses outside the frame glasses that completely match the ring shape of the glasses, which can be stuck or attracted to the frame by magnets, and the lenses will still be removed indoors. It is a pair of ordinary myopia glasses. Advantages: It is completely consistent with the ring shape of myopia glasses, and the style is beautiful and generous. It is difficult to see from a distance that there are two lenses. Disadvantages: A pair of glasses has the weight of two pairs of glasses, which will cause a little discomfort to the wearer. If you choose lighter materials for bidding lenses, the price is relatively high. Suitable crowd: the myopic group who can accept the mirror style. 4: Precautions for the color-changing lens: the color of the lens is changed under the irradiation of light of the appropriate wavelength, and the myopia lens made of the material of the original color when the light source is removed. Advantages: freely change the color according to the intensity of the light, and a pair of glasses can easily solve the problem. Disadvantages: the range of luminosity of the color-changing lens is limited, the lens is thicker and heavier when the height is number, and the color-changing effect is not good. Suitable crowd: Myopic groups who like to wear color-changing glasses. 5: Precautions for myopic polarized sunglasses: The best choice is to customize a stylish and beautiful myopic sunglasses according to the wearer's actual luminosity. With the appearance of fashionable sunglasses and the function of myopia, it becomes a fashionista in a second. Advantages: stylish and beautiful. Disadvantages: exchange and exchange. Use sunglasses in outdoor activities and replace them with the original glasses indoors. Suitable crowd: fashionistas, short-sighted people who often participate in outdoor activities or drive.
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