How to choose sunglasses from lens function and color series

u003cbru003eThe footsteps of spring are coming again, and the days of spring outing are coming again, but how can such a good spring time be missing a pair of sunglasses? But here is the question, how to choose sunglasses? In fact, the most important part of sunglasses Right on the 'lens.' So, today I will give you a popular science, how to choose sunglasses from the lens function and color system. [1] Selection of lens function The most important thing in choosing sunglasses is to consider the quality of the lens. The cost of the sunglasses can also be seen from the lens. You can choose the corresponding lens according to your activity environment. Let's take a look at the common functions of lenses: 1. Introduction to anti-reflective lenses: The most basic function of sunglasses. A thin layer of magnesium fluoride is coated on the surface to prevent glare reflection and see things in the sun. Not interfered by strong light. Detection method: You can aim the glasses at the light source. If you see purple or green reflections, it means that the lenses are indeed coated with anti-reflection protective film. Suitable: walk to and from get off work, play, etc. YC9703 Ladies Sunglasses C2 Red Frame Grey Legs/Gold 2. Anti-UV Lenses: Introduction: When buying sunglasses, you should choose UV400-marked lenses, because this kind of lenses can block ultraviolet rays; while ordinary sunglasses can only reduce the luminosity, not Block ultraviolet rays. Detection method: use a hundred yuan super and a money detector pen. Hundred yuan bills have an anti-counterfeiting watermark. Put the lens of the sunglasses on the watermark. Use a money detector to take a photo on the lens. If you can see the watermark, it means that the sunglasses are not UV-resistant. If you can’t see it, it means this pair. The sunglasses are UV resistant. Suitable for: plateau, outdoor sports, etc. 3. Introduction to the color-changing lens: The color-changing lens is to add silver halide chemical substance to the lens, so that the originally transparent colorless lens will become a colored lens when exposed to strong light. Detection method: high-quality color-changing lenses have fast discoloration speed and quick response to the environment. Put the color-changing lens under sunlight for about 10 minutes, that is, the maximum color depth should be reached, otherwise the quality of the color change is poor. Move the glasses that have been discolored in the sun to a dark place, and the lenses should not be more than 20 minutes to regain light. Suitable for: outdoor, snow, and indoor workplaces with strong light sources to prevent eye damage from sunlight, ultraviolet light, and glare. 1.67 Aspherical discoloration gray (film change) [2] Selection of sunglasses color system 1, brown, can fully absorb ultraviolet and infrared, and the color change is softer, which can make the glasses more comfortable. Suitable for: driving, dust, fog and other weather 2, gray, lenses are relatively neutral lenses, while weakening the light, will not change the true color of things too much. Suitable for: Driving Outdoor outing 3. Green, which belongs to the neutral color series with gray, because it has strong light transmittance to green and makes people feel comfortable, suitable for people who are prone to eye fatigue. But because the green color changes the surrounding scenery. Suitable: It can be used outdoors. 4. Mercury silver. Because the lens surface adopts high-density mirror coating, it can reflect visible light more easily, which is more suitable for people who exercise outdoors for a long time. Suitable for: outdoor sports, mountaineering, etc. 5. Blue, it is not recommended in daily use, it is more serious for the discoloration of daily scenery, so it is best not to wear dark blue lenses in daily life, but blue lenses can effectively dissolve the sea and sky The light reflection brought is suitable: the beach is how to choose sunglasses according to the lens function and color system. Those who buy sunglasses, don't just think about the concave shape, consider your own eyes! Related reading: Sunglasses color selection
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