How to choose the right children's sunglasses

u003cbru003eParents and friends now like to wear some trendy items for their children, for example, children’s sunglasses are one of them. It should be noted that children’s sunglasses are closely related to children’s eyes. Inferior sunglasses can cause damage to children’s eyes in many ways. Therefore, parents and friends must consider various factors when choosing children’s sunglasses. consider. This article also mainly explains 'how to choose the right children's sunglasses' for parents and friends. 1 Children's sunglasses should not be too heavy. When choosing sunglasses for a child, the size of the lens and frame should be suitable for the child’s face, not too heavy or too wide, otherwise it will slide down easily, and it will also cause a burden on the bridge of the nose and ears. In addition, it is best to choose a soft, light, and elastic material for the frame material. 2. Choose a regular glasses store to buy children's sunglasses. Good children's sunglasses can improve the contrast sensitivity of the eyes while blocking ultraviolet rays and reduce glare, which is beneficial to alleviate eye fatigue. However, if the glasses are not uniformly dyed or thick, they will not see things clearly and affect vision. So go to a regular glasses store to configure special sunglasses according to your child's eyes, or choose children's sunglasses with anti-UV logos. Seiko KK0014C GL Business Pure Titanium Full Frame Small Size Children's Blue Myopia Frame Glasses 3. Do not choose candy colors for children's sunglasses lenses. When choosing children's sunglasses, choose the color of sunglasses carefully, try to choose gray, brown, yellow-green lenses, because gray and brown sunglasses cause less color distortion, better color perception, and can filter harmful ultraviolet substances. In particular, avoid choosing candy-colored lenses. This type of sunglasses will not block harmful substances such as ultraviolet rays, but will absorb harmful substances and have a counterproductive effect. And choose sunglasses marked with a polarizing filter, the comfort will be better. 4. Children's sunglasses frames should be smooth and strong. For children’s sunglasses, due to the child’s active nature and poor self-control ability, there is a greater possibility of accidents. The rough edges may scratch the child’s skin, and the sudden break of the frame during exercise may cause Dangers such as punctures. Try to choose safe spectacle frames such as plates and plastics, and less metal frames. 5Choose children's sunglasses with large light transmittance. According to children's visual development needs and the scope of use of children's sunglasses, it is recommended that children choose sunglasses with a light transmittance of not less than 30%. When the light transmittance is less than 30%, it may not be possible to ensure that the macular area of u200bu200bthe retina is effectively stimulated. 6. Do not choose toy children's sunglasses. Many roadside shops and scenic spots have cute-looking children's sunglasses, and many mothers choose these cheap sunglasses to give their children a concave shape. However, this kind of sunglasses is not a regular child-only sunglasses, but only a toy sunglasses, which cannot block ultraviolet rays. This kind of sunglasses not only can't protect the eyes, but will increase the adjustment burden on the eyes, affect the normal development of children's visual function, cause visual fatigue, and cause myopia and amblyopia. 7. Be cautious with the degree of children's sunglasses. When choosing children's sunglasses, parents must check whether the lens has a degree. Related reading: Children's glasses
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