How to identify polarized glasses

u003cbru003ePolarized sunglasses are also called polarized glasses by some people. Polarized lenses are made of synthetic resin that is as lightweight and precise as contact lenses. After they are made, they can filter out road reflections caused by wet water or sunlight. Main advantages: light, can filter out 99% of dazzling reflected light, 99% of harmful ultraviolet light, not fragile. In order to filter the sun shining on the water, land or snow in equal directions, a special vertical coating is added to the lens, which is called a polarized lens. Suitable for outdoor sports (for example: driving, marine activities, skiing or fishing). More and more people choose polarized sunglasses when choosing sunglasses. So how to identify polarized glasses? When buying polarized glasses in an optical shop, generally there will be a Polarized mark on the sunglasses lens, or on the inner side of the temples. However, some brand-name polarized glasses do not make this mark. of. This article introduces three methods to identify whether the sunglasses are really polarized sunglasses. Method 1. Use a small test card, which is available in a slightly more formal optical shop, as shown in the figure below: Polarized lens test card If you see 'hidden shark' through the lens, this is polarized glasses (sunglasses). If the 'shark' is still not visible through the lens, this is the second method of ordinary sunglasses. If the optical shop does not have a small card for testing, you can ask your friends around to see who has polarized sunglasses. Just borrow to test it. Stack your friend’s polarized sunglasses with the sunglasses you bought. If you can still see the objects behind the lenses through these two lenses, the one you bought is not a polarized lens. If the area where the lenses are superimposed becomes darker and you can't see the objects behind, they are true polarized sunglasses. The test method is shown in the figure below: Method 3. According to the display principle of the liquid crystal display, observe the LCD screen of the mobile phone through the polarized lens. When the mobile phone screen is rotated to a certain angle, the mobile phone screen will become black because the polarized lens filters the mobile phone. Caused by light in this direction of the screen. The picture comes from the Internet, if you want to delete it, please contact Related reading: Sunglasses Polarized Lens
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