How to maintain the color changing glasses?

u003cbru003eGuide: Ultraviolet rays are the primary factor in the discoloration performance of color-changing lenses. Under the action of ultraviolet rays, the lens changes from colorless to colored. The stronger the ultraviolet rays, the darker the lens becomes, and the weaker the ultraviolet rays, the lighter the lens becomes. Regarding ultraviolet rays. The intensity of ultraviolet rays increases by 5% when the altitude increases by 300 meters; the season of ultraviolet rays throughout the year is spring; the ultraviolet radiation is intense at noon of the day; the closer the angle of the lens to the ultraviolet rays is, the higher the intensity of ultraviolet rays. How to take care of the color-changing glasses? (1) If the lenses are contaminated with dust, sweat, grease, cosmetics, etc., please clean them with neutral detergent and warm water, and then dry them with a soft cloth. (2) Avoid exposing the lens to strong organic solvents, such as acetone, ether and perfume. (3) Try to avoid putting the glasses in high temperature places, such as under the front and rear windshield of a car, above the car engine, etc. (4) Do not leave it in a place exposed to strong light for a long time, otherwise it will shorten the use time of the discoloration effect. (5) Wrap it with a lens cleaning cloth when not in use, with the lens facing upwards and put it in a special bag to prevent the lens and lens frame from being scratched by hard objects. Related reading: Color changing glasses
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