How to properly maintain polarized sunglasses?

u003cbru003eThe arrival of summer, polarized sunglasses have become an indispensable tool for our travel, which not only shields us from the sun, but also reflects our personal temperament. However, in the process of using sunglasses, you also need to pay attention to many aspects of the problem, some will cause unnecessary damage to the sunglasses, such as the appearance of lens wear and scratches, so the maintenance of polarized sunglasses is also very important. Therefore, we must pay attention to the usual maintenance of sunglasses. Recommended reading: How to maintain polarized sunglasses! We all know how to properly maintain polarized sunglasses. The reason why polarized sunglasses are popular with everyone is to reduce the intensity of light, block glare, increase visual contrast, and improve visual clarity. But do you know that if polarized sunglasses are often thrown around, their ability to block harmful light will weaken over time. Not only will they not be able to resist ultraviolet rays, they may also cause your eye health problems. The dazzling polarized sunglasses allow us to be active in the sun, but they can block the sun, but can not block the pollution damage, so we must take care of them carefully, whether it is scrubbing, folding or storing, we must develop a good habit, so as to make Polarized sunglasses are most effective. Many people will take off the polarized sunglasses and hang them on their heads, collars or pockets when they are not wearing them. However, everyone must pay attention to the movement range at this time. Otherwise, it will be easy to tear or tear the polarized sunglasses. Crashed. Of course, many female friends will put polarized sunglasses in their handbags. In fact, it is best to put them in a hard glasses case and then put them in the handbag to avoid being worn out by small things such as keys and combs, or being contaminated with lipstick and other cosmetics. . Polarized sunglasses will give drivers a good line of sight, but I also want to remind all drivers, although they often put polarized sunglasses on the dashboard or on the seat when they are not wearing them, but this is a very bad habit. . Because the hot weather will bake the polarized sunglasses out of shape, especially the plastic frame, it is best to store your glasses in the glasses storage box. Sunglasses in life are taken off and put on, so some dust and dirt will inevitably be contaminated. Do not use your nails to pick them at this time, otherwise it will easily scratch the surface. Because polarized sunglasses can block uncomfortable glare, and at the same time protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays, all this is due to a metal powder (film) filter device, which can be It performs 'selection'. Polarized sunglasses can selectively absorb some of the wavelengths that make up the sun's rays because they use very fine metal powder (iron, copper, nickel, etc.). Once this layer of powder is destroyed, our polarizer will also lose it. The meaning of it, besides, it will also affect our image, right? Sand or dust is inevitable. The dirt is best blown off gently, or you can wash it off with tap water, and then use the cleaned middle finger and index finger to dip in neutral soap and apply it lightly. Water, use a high-quality paper towel to gently absorb the attached small water droplets, but don't rub it hard, otherwise it will scratch the lens. Under normal circumstances, no other cleaning agents are used, let alone shampoos and bath liquids containing gels. For daily care, you must use a professional cleaning cloth to gently wipe. In order to ensure a good wearing effect, in addition to the maintenance of the polarizer, it is also important to choose a good polarized sunglasses! Related Reading: Sunglasses Polarized Sunglasses
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