How to tell if sunglasses are good or bad

u003cbru003eHow to distinguish between good and bad' target='_blank'>sunglasses? I will have a good chat with you today in terms of lens, color, price, feeling, try-on, tag, uv index. I hope it will help you to distinguish between good and bad sunglasses when choosing sunglasses. YC9702 Universal Sunglasses C1 Black Frame White Legs/Lens Colorful Silver First of all, when buying sunglasses, first check the quality of the lens, whether the lens surface is lubricated, whether there is warpage, abrasion, or air bubbles. Irregularities, marks, or bubbles can cause discomfort such as dizziness. At the same time, the lens should not be too thin, otherwise the same high temperature deformation will cause dizziness. Secondly, when choosing sunglasses, you can take the sunglasses 45 cm away from the eyes, and investigate the vertical and horizontal lines around the glasses through the glasses, such as window frames or door frames, etc., and then move the glasses up and down, such as linear distortion or swing, indicating that the lens is deformed , Not suitable for purchase. Later, the color of the lens should also be paid attention to. There should be enough depth, dark gray is better, dark brown and black are the next, blue and purple are inferior, these two kinds of lenses will transmit more ultraviolet rays, and yellow, orange and light red are not used as much as possible. YC9703 Women's Sunglasses C3 Black/Colorful Blue How to distinguish the quality of sunglasses? Lenses: There is a simple way to distinguish the quality of the lenses, which is to shake the glasses back and forth in front of the eyes to see if the object moves with the lens. If it is, it should be stated that the lens is not flat and has unevenness and is classified as a defective lens. Of course, this is for flat glasses, if it is myopic sunglasses, this trick is not very appropriate. Color: In addition to leisure and entertainment, if it is really for UV protection, it is better to purchase Ray-Ban gray, Ray-Ban green, blue-gray sunglasses with real sun-shading lenses. Because of these relatively soft colors, you are looking at nature It will not change color at times, which is especially suitable for car owners, because it will not affect their discrimination of traffic signals such as traffic lights. Price: The price of a pair of sunglasses equipped with high-quality lenses will not be too cheap, so don't buy a lot of colorful and inferior sunglasses for cheap. Such sunglasses are usually not color distortion when worn, that is, the lenses are easy to wear. The key is to make the eyes tired easily, which will cause various eye diseases over time. YC9708 Universal Sunglasses C7 Black Frame Silver Legs/Lens Grey Feeling: Rejection of choosing sunglasses with 'love at first sight' Of course, the beauty of the frame is the first experience of choosing sunglasses. This is indeed very important, but the visual comfort of the lens and the comfort of the frame are necessary for you to choose sunglasses wisely. No matter how beautiful it looks, it should be eliminated if it is not comfortable to wear. Trying on: Trying on sunglasses must be in the sun. Only in this way can you better understand the quality of the lens and the comfort of wearing it under strong light. It is impossible to accurately test the effect of sunglasses under bad night light conditions or artificial lighting environment. Jia chose to go outside the optical shop to try on sunglasses during the intense hours of the day. Hang tag: The little brand on sunglasses is often overlooked. In fact, in addition to telling you where the glasses were made, the sunglasses tag also hides a lot of useful information, such as whether the glasses you are buying are sunglasses or light-colored lenses, resin lenses or acrylic, etc. uv index: For sunglasses, the uv index is also an important criterion for filtering out ultraviolet rays. At present, the uv index of most sunglasses is between 96% and 98%. Dark lenses are better than light lenses. Better. Generally speaking, a 100% uv index is unlikely. If a manufacturer claims that its sunglasses have a good effect on filtering out ultraviolet rays, then his bull can be a bit exaggerated. Related Reading: Sunglasses and Sunglasses
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