How to wear sunglasses that suit you correctly?

u003cbru003eNowadays, people’s awareness of wearing sunglasses to protect their eyes has gradually increased. Whether it is summer or winter, many people basically prepare a pair of sunglasses when going out, but many people are still confused about how to wear sunglasses that suit them correctly. The above is to choose the ones that look pleasing to the eye and beautiful. As for the functions, materials and the like, I will teach you some tips for choosing sunglasses that suit you. YC9702 Ladies Sunglasses C7 Green Frame Red Legs/Lens Colorful Yellow 1. Choose the category of sunglasses according to your own use. For example, you want to use it in places where the light is more complicated, such as driving, traveling, and fishing. Then you choose polarized sunglasses. This kind of sunglasses has special lenses that can filter harmful light and glare in the air. However, the color of polarizer lenses is generally darker, and there is no better fashion than sunshade. If you are just shopping, matching clothes, and wearing it to set off your face, then choose a sunshade mirror. The sun visor has no anti-glare function, but it can also prevent ultraviolet rays, and the lens is stylish and beautiful. 2. Choose sunglasses according to your face shape. In addition to shading, sunglasses have another role to set off the shape of the face and increase the sense of fashion. If the style of sunglasses is not suitable for your face, it will only detract from your image. Let’s “seat to the face” below! Round face: Suitable for glasses with a slightly thicker frame, colder lenses, and darker colors, with the visual effect of “tightening” the face. Excessive yellow, red lenses or sunglasses with slender and soft frame lines will make the face bigger. Small face shape: Suitable for wearing thin-frame or rimless glasses. Choose elegant blue, purple, light brown and other lens colors for unexpected effects. Long face: Should choose oblate or curved mirror, slightly thicker temples to weaken the long face. A slender face is generally skinny. Choose feminine pink or wine red lenses to increase the brightness of the face. Square face: It is advisable to choose sunglasses with a narrow width and rounded corners of the frame. A frame that is too large and too square will only make the face look more square. The color of the lens is preferably a steady brown. Apricot-shaped face: It is suitable to choose glasses with lighter lenses, thinner metal frames or rimless glasses to reduce the weight on the top of the face, so as not to make the originally wide upper half of the face more expansive. Inverted triangle: Glasses with a thicker frame, darker color, and slightly wider horizontal width should be used to adjust the ratio of the top and bottom, which gives people a sense of coordination. Ray-Ban RB4242 Unisex Glasses Frame 6201/13 Brown 3. Choose sunglasses according to skin tone. The color of sunglasses is very particular, and lenses of different colors are often used for different purposes. The detailed introduction can be found in 'Introduction to the Protective Effects of Sunglasses in Various Colors'. You can choose according to your needs. However, gray and brown sunglasses have good resistance to ultraviolet rays. 4. Choose sunglasses according to the material. The material of sunglasses includes two parts, the material of the frame and the material of the lens. The frame material of the general sunglasses frame is nothing more than the following materials: plastic, metal. The famous plastics are plate and TR90. The plate is made of cotton and wood. The quality of the plate depends on its color and cotton content. TR90 has high elastic memory and excellent toughness. There are titanium alloys, aluminum-magnesium alloys and other alloys. Lens materials The common lens materials currently on the market are glass and resin. Glass lenses have tended to be eliminated due to shortcomings such as fragility and heavy weight. Resin lenses are not easily broken, light in weight, and have high light transmittance, so they are used more. After reading the above introduction, are you still worried about not choosing the sunglasses that suit you? As long as you are familiar with the above matching rules, you can definitely choose the sunglasses that you like! Related reading: Sunglasses
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