How to wear sunglasses

u003cbru003eSunglasses are a good pair of equipment, and at the same time can help you block strong light, especially in summer, many people like to wear them. But sunglasses also need to be purchased cautiously. Some people cannot wear them, but some people are very suitable! Ray-Ban RB4187-F unisex sunglasses 856/13 tortoiseshell frame tea lens The following three categories of people are best to wear sunglasses 1. Driving People-drivers should wear sunglasses to ensure driving safety and prevent visual fatigue. 2. People who have undergone cataract surgery-those who have placed an intraocular lens (especially using ordinary intraocular lenses) after cataract surgery, the eyes have a reduced ability to filter ultraviolet rays. It is best to wear sunglasses when traveling in summer. 3. People who are skiing and exploring-those who are engaged in skiing and mountain adventure sports should also wear sunglasses in order to reduce the damage to the eyes of ultraviolet rays. The following five categories of people are best not to wear sunglasses 1. Children under 6 years of age-children under 6 years of age are developing visual functions and need bright light and clear object stimulation, and the filtering effect of sunglasses will just reduce the light. Intensity, to a certain extent, also reduces the clarity of the field of view. If you wear sunglasses too much during this period, it will lead to unclear retinal imaging, and even affect vision development and cause amblyopia. 2. Color blindness-If you are completely color blind, wearing sunglasses is not a problem, because such patients just can't distinguish colors. However, if some color blind patients (such as the most common red-green color blindness) lack the ability to distinguish a few colors, wearing sunglasses at this time will make it more difficult for them to distinguish colors. Gucci GG3674/S Unisex Sunglasses Black outside and yellow inside 4WHJJ3, night blindness-night blindness patients themselves will have poor vision in a relatively dim environment. If they wear sunglasses again, their eyesight will be further reduced, so they are not suitable for wearing them. 4. Patients with angle-closure glaucoma—Patients with angle-closure glaucoma wearing sunglasses may induce the onset of glaucoma. Because the aqueous humor circulation in the eyes of glaucoma patients is inherently problematic, and the intraocular pressure is also relatively high. If the patient wears sunglasses, the patient’s light will diminish and the pupils will be dilated, which will aggravate the intraocular aqueous circulatory disorder and cause the already high intraocular pressure. Further increase, leading to worsening of the condition. 5. People with cataracts, high myopia, or fundus diseases-if they suffer from severe cataracts, high myopia, or fundus diseases, people who have poor vision, especially the elderly, it is best to avoid accidents. Do not wear sunglasses. Related Reading: Fashion Sunglasses, Famous Brand Sunglasses
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