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u003cbru003eWhen the fashion trend sweeps through everything, the window of our soul has also opened the prelude of the 'mirror' flower edge, appearing in high density on various trend occasions. When glasses have become an important part of fashion items, their practicality has naturally relegated to the second place, and how to maximize their decorative role is the key point. Just let the editor teach some collocation scriptures, interpret your eye fashion well, and let others shine. Takekawa Kino Z1607 Glasses Frame C13 Coffee Frame Gold Legs and Thin Feet Metal Frame Among the metal frame glasses, what makes people feel different from previous years is the design of the frame. This year, the frame of the glasses got rid of the traditional straight lines and turned into a graceful arc. , Inlaid on the lens, light and flexible, full of fashionable charm. Spectacle frames with colors are one of the best matches for sportsmen. Black is stable and elegant, which can bring out the gentle and elegant temperament of sportsmen. Transparent half-frames are also a good choice, which is more youthful. Matching suggestions: The characteristic of the metal frame is that it can make the person wearing it look very delicate. With a capable outfit, it will definitely add a lot to your temperament. New Balance NB06148 Unisex glasses frame C04 gray orange sports glasses sports glasses are also favored by many people who love outdoor and sports because of their strong professional performance. They block ultraviolet rays and have shatterproof performance. At the same time, from the perspective of ergonomics and safety, the frame is made of extremely light magnesium, aluminum and titanium metal materials, which are light and easy to wear. The soft rubber-protected frame is not only non-slip, but also comfortable to wear. How can I miss it when running? Matching suggestions: Because of its professional quality, it is generally worn in sports, outdoor extremes and other occasions. Usually wear, it is recommended to choose sports outdoor clothes and equipment, with brighter colors of sportswear, more vitality. S9103 Sunglasses C01 Frame Black/Gray Lens Sunglasses Sunglasses and accessories make you more celebrity, big sunglasses and exaggerated big earrings, fashionable shape can make your face more petite and pleasant. In the cold winter, brown or light red sunglasses are the most suitable, but with a simple and atmospheric clothing, it is especially full of charm. If you wear a handsome leather jacket with a sexy chiffon dress inside, the slender skin of a woman will be extremely handsome and cute in a cool casual dress. Matching suggestions: Cool sunglasses are most suitable for matching celebrity clothing, so that you also reveal the star temperament. The beaded necklace that is longer than the chest has the visual effect of lengthening the face and neck. Pairing with wide glasses can also make up for the defects of the face. Related Reading: Sunglasses Sports Glasses
are an important part of the society and they come in handy in any place where there are oem sunglasses in need of odm sunglasses.
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