Is Timelessmetal sunglasses cheap?

At Wenzhou Timeless Glasses, we do not aim to beat our competitors by a low price, but through high quality, value-added services, and higher cost-effectiveness. We carefully select our raw materials according to our high quality standards instead of simply choosing those priced the lowest. Because we know that if we save now, we will eventually end up losing more in the end due to the poor quality of our products. Both price and quality are essential, and we believe that sourcing quality products should never be jeopardized for the sake of saving a few dollars. Here, we promise our metal sunglasses offers good value for money.
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Timeless is an integrated custom kids optical frames enterprise with advanced production technology & equipment. Timeless's custom made eyeglasses series include multiple types. During the design phase of Timeless lightweight titanium eyeglass frames, a CAD model is created to ensure the proper function of all materials, precision parts and lampshades. It has the characteristic of burst resistance. Its strength parameters are carefully calculated and its bursting strength is verified with the typical toughness test.
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