Let the celebrity tell you what kind of frame glasses look good

u003cbru003e'Glasses fever' is not a day or two. Framed glasses have long been pushed on the fashionable streets as a tool for concave shapes. What kind of glasses look good? We have pictures and the truth. Let the stars Tell you what kind of frame glasses look good! Metal round frame glasses Metal round frame glasses have always been a popular item, not only full of literary style, but also very cute and elegant and noble. Shao You (Jiang Jixian), a member of the Korean group SISTAR, appeared without makeup in round-frame glasses. A long sweater and canvas shoes showed youthful vitality, and the shape of black round glasses looked very cute. Basketball teenager Wu Yifan wears dark casual clothes with a stern face, holding a bow and arrow, and round gold-rimmed glasses with a noble temperament. Glasses recommendation: Ray-Ban RB6343 men's glasses frame 2509 black half-rim glasses Half-rim glasses are more versatile and handsome, and they are also favored by many people because they are comfortable to wear. The writer and boss Lu Qi wears a pair of half-rim glasses with black shirt and trousers. Perfectly show the charm of mature men. Black and white glasses with slightly tilted corners of the mouth fully interpret the term 'warm man'. Cao Yuzhen, wearing a dark sweater, is just like the warm guy next door. Riding boots can always give off an unruly atmosphere, while the western-style glasses are slightly restrained and capable, just like Mr. Zhao played in the movie 'People inside'. Extraordinary. Glasses recommendation: FB60028C03A gun color men’s business pure titanium half-frame myopia glasses. Thick-frame glasses. The thick-frame glasses reveal a kind of fortitude and unruly trendy style. Zhu Yilong wears personalized black-frame glasses and combs long hair. Show the charm of a variety of sportsman. After the broadcast of 'Langya List. Glasses recommendation: Ports POM13207 brown CF plate trendy large size neutral glasses frame black frame glasses big frame glasses always give people a feeling of handsome personality, and the big frame glasses can well modify the face shape, set off your small face It's very delicate. Bai Jugang changed his cuteness in the variety show. He wore a pair of big black-rimmed glasses and showed sharp eyes, holding various weapons, and his boyfriend was full of power. Hu Xia has always covered his face with black-rimmed glasses, but his frames are basically authentic square-frame glasses. His simple dress and warm temperament bring us a touch of warmth. The matching of black frame glasses is both casual and playful, full of literary style. After reading the above introduction, do you have a great change to the 'four eyes'? If you want to use frame glasses to dress up in fashion, you need to choose the frame according to your own characteristics. For the selection skills, see 'Online Opticians Choose Frames According to Demand'. Related Reading: Glasses Style Frame Glasses
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