Love fashion, how can there be less glasses

by:Timeless Eyeglasses     2021-04-25
u003cbru003eWith the development of the trend, glasses are no longer what we traditionally recognize and are no longer forced to accept. Now they are more of a decoration, a means and way for young people to express themselves. Non-lens glasses can block dark circles under the eyes. Among the many users of non-lens glasses, a considerable number of people say that it is to 'cover dark circles. However, it should be noted that although the frame of the glasses can indeed cover the dark circles, it also needs a more delicate eye makeup to supplement, otherwise without the reflection of the lens, your eye problems will be exposed. At the same time, glasses can also change the shape of the face to a certain extent, so you have to choose when you wear them: this season everyone prefers dark-colored frame glasses. The aspect ratio of the frame is very important. Glasses that are not too thick can make the face look smaller; the wide-frame glasses with dark and narrow squares are very versatile and suitable for almost all face shapes; while the oversized glasses are very suitable for girls with small faces; round The glasses are more picky, suitable for three-dimensional facial lines. Colored borders have also followed the red. In the days when sheet glasses were just beginning to be popular, those who wore flat glasses mostly took the gentle route, and elegantly designed black glasses were popular. Now, since everyone wears glasses without lenses, of course what they want is a maverick effect, so how to get the attention. The first is the abundance of colors. Nearly colored borders are also popular. Girls often buy several pairs to match different clothes. White and black are equally classic, but more difficult to grasp, so white frame glasses have certain requirements for face shape, skin tone and even hairstyle. However, if you have enough self-confidence to attract the attention of others, then the effect of white glasses will be better than any other color. The second is the influence of other popular elements, like leopard print which has been red for several seasons, and now it is also printed on the frame of lensless glasses. It should be noted that since the proportion of glasses in the overall shape is not large, it is better to choose more eye-catching patterns and colors. Another popular element is crystal. These small sequins are really ubiquitous. Mobile phone back panels, USB flash drives, evening dresses... black, rose, purple, etc., glasses with crystals attached are a new outfit for party animals. Later, if your fashion index is high, you might as well try further and add some exaggerated decorations, such as feathers, to your glasses. At the same time, don't forget to wear cosmetic contact lenses and change the color of the eyeballs to match the dazzling glasses to achieve high-standard eye effects.
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