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u003cbru003eThis article is reproduced from China Optical Net. With consumer demand, professional fashion or eyewear magazines, and' target='_blank'>sunglasses and eyewear brands from all over the world have increased their investment in market promotion, and the depth of consumer education, plus every consumer now As the demand for the role of decorative glasses and sunglasses for auxiliary dressing and decoration is becoming more and more prominent, more and more consumers will choose glasses and sunglasses brands that fit their personal image status. In the era of individual fashion, when the 8090 gradually became the main consumer group, and with the continuous development of the business economy, most of the consumption habits including the individuality of the 8090s, especially in the personal image of 'clothing, food, housing, and transportation' Investment is increasing day by day, such as wrist watches on different occasions, women’s necklaces, earrings, etc., scarves on necks in autumn and winter, hats on top of heads, shoes under the feet in different seasons, backpacks on different occasions, etc. One by one as the number of calculations, but with occasional demand as the main starting point of consumption. Because in this era of using your exterior to make others recognize you, and using your interior to make others remember you, in this era of brands that embody individual images, in this era of most tasteful, major prosperous cities, especially some Professional managers or staff groups engaged in fashion and leisure or various industries are also paying more and more attention to personal brand and taste dressing. In the past, spectacle products involved some of the professional requirements of ophthalmology, and the requirements for practical functions have always been ranked as the best choice. In the era of personality described above, the current spectacle products, especially sunglasses, have been given more The decorative function, the trend of personalization, fashion, branding, and high-end glasses consumption is becoming more and more obvious, which will further give birth to business opportunities in the domestic glasses and sunglasses market. In particular, the rapid development of sunglasses products will be more significant, and because of business cooperation. , Which made the author more convinced of this trend. When contacting a media unit in a southwestern province, the manager made it clear that I have two pairs of sunglasses, one for driving and one for leisure shopping. Yes, most of the people at home are the same, and most of the friends around are also equipped. Then, with consumer demand, professional fashion or eyewear magazines, and sunglasses and eyewear brands from all over the world have invested in market promotion, and the depth of consumer education has increased. In addition, each consumer now has assistance in decorative glasses and sunglasses. Under the trend that the role of dressing and decoration is becoming more and more prominent, choosing glasses and sunglasses brands that meet their own personal image status in the future will definitely be similar to choosing other watches, necklaces, earrings, scarves, hats, shoes, backpacks and other commodities. Brands that highlight their own personality will become a better choice indicator for this type of glasses and sunglasses. Because everyone needs to have brand sunglasses that suit their own personality, because glasses and sunglasses are small but also a big market.
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