May Timeless offer warehousing services?

In order to improve customer experience, we render short-term warehousing services for customers overseas. Wenzhou Timeless Glasses is proud of our ability to promptly manufacture products thanks to the advanced devices and reasonable production scheduling. However, in some cases, customers prefer to have their products shipped late for personal reason. Under this circumstance, we will persuade our customers to use our warehouse, which is spacious enough for goods storage within a limited period. Once customers confirm the lead time, we deliver the goods as quickly as possible.
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There are many positive feedback from customers for our acetate sunglasses. Timeless's clip-on eyeglasses series include multiple types. Timeless round sunglasses for ladies has to go through a series of quality tests to guarantee that it is up to the standard cooling effect. This testing process is under strict inspection by our QC team with qualified knowledge of refrigeration. This product features proper air permeability. Its fabrics are constructed to be permeable substances comes with air, water, and vapor permeability.
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By building core value system of acetate sunglasses, Timeless has made great achievements. Contact!

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