Mirror sunglasses make you 'pretty ten years old'

u003cbru003eMirror sunglasses can be seen at a glance due to the reflective effect, even celebrities love them! Wearing mirror sunglasses will properly concave a good shape, even if they are photographed, they are not afraid to look bad, and Because sunglasses cover most of your face, you can make you 'pretty ten years old' at first glance! Korean female celebrities will certainly not miss this good helper, let’s take a look at the sunglasses street shots of popular Korean female celebrities~ Huang Zhengyin, the queen of the screen who has recently set off a short fever, Huang Zhengyin shows a natural and refreshing style with a simple shape of asymmetrical length jeans and a striped shirt. Square mirror sunglasses that cover most of the face have made the fashion index soar. Hani of HaniEXID wore a unique embroidered top and a shiny silver mini skirt, paired with yellow mirror sunglasses, showing lively charm. Tiffany made his debut with a black camisole and jeans with a gown that slipped slightly off his shoulders. Tiffany also wore a pair of mirror sunglasses, which undoubtedly became the highlight of his style. Mirror sunglasses reflect the surrounding scenes, so even the simplest makeup plus bright lip makeup can look gorgeous. But pay attention to the bottom of the muscle should be as thin as possible, clean and flawless. Related Reading: Fashion Sunglasses, Famous Brand Sunglasses
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