Over-the-knee skirts create an elegant seasonal mirror look

u003cbru003eOver-the-knee skirts can always give people a sense of retro elegance in the 1940s and 50s. Whether it is a classic and stable solid color or pleated, or a print full of artistic flavor, it can add a lot of charm and aura to you , In addition, a pair of fashionable sunglasses will make you beautiful to the bone, fashion and temperament are both true. 1. Modern mirror type: Wearing a light blue shirt, matching a red printed pleated skirt, stepping on silver high heels, color matching and atmosphere, and a pair of reflective mirror sunglasses, classic and modern. 2. Fashion mirror type: wearing a denim shirt, matching black and white pleated skirt, wearing black super glasses, fashionable and elegant. Graffiti handbags add a lot of fun. 3. Elegant mirror shape: white shirt, matching black and white ink print skirt, wearing cat-eye reflective sunglasses, elegant and elegant. 4. Wild mirror type: wearing a white shirt and a frayed tweed skirt over the knee, wearing the same Dior sunglasses, elegant and wild. 5. Urban mirror shape: square sunglasses with asymmetrical knee-length skirts, white canvas shoes on the feet, stable and individual, showing the fashion and urban beauty style. 6. Pastoral mirror type: pink slanted blouse with rose floral skirt over the knee, and a pair of leopard-print sunglasses, very pastoral style, full of girly atmosphere. 7. Casual mirror type: Wearing a translucent plaid shirt, matching a camel woolen over-the-knee skirt, holding a large black handbag with a metal ring, casual and elegant, wearing a black super looks full of aura. 8. Retro mirror type: Wearing a black and white vertical striped shirt, matching a dark green knee-length skirt, a red-brown small bag cross-body, wearing aviator sunglasses, simple and straightforward, with a bit of retro flavor at the same time. The picture comes from the Internet, if you need to delete it, please contact kaity@yichao.cn Related reading: Fashion sunglasses black super
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