Polarized sunglasses are not only suitable for summer

u003cbru003eWhen we reach the peak temperature this summer, patients may ask about the choice of polarized sunglasses, transitional lenses, and tinted or UV protective lenses. This is the best time to educate patients who currently enjoy outdoor activities, such as hunting, fishing, hiking or bicycles without polarized lenses. Recommended reading: What are the benefits of wearing polarized sunglasses often? With the increase in UV exposure and the risk of permanent eye damage, polarized lenses are becoming more and more like an optional fixture. . Let us show you why placing your optical pharmacy with a series of polarized glasses will benefit your active patients and the profit of your practice. Polarized lenses can reduce eye fatigue, block glare, can be equipped with prescription, and are usually equipped with anti-ultraviolet coating. However, not all polarizations are equal! Some low-quality polarized sunglasses may only reduce the reflected light by 10%. Make sure your patients understand the quality of the lenses they buy and the difference between UV-resistant sunglasses and tinted sunglasses. Colored sunglasses are not polarized and do not need to block the ultraviolet or blue light emitted from the computer screen. Ultraviolet coated polarized glasses are very suitable for patients whose lifestyle involves long day driving, outdoor activities or working in the snow. So how to market? First, all your employees should try their own matchmaking, post pictures on social media pages, and recommend them to anyone who enters your practice. People browsing the pharmacy may try polarized lenses, but don't realize the difference between polarized and non-polarized lenses. Make sure you provide photo examples and demonstration shots on top of the verbal explanation. If you have encouraged your optician to recommend prescription sunglasses to all patients, make sure they have an effective demonstration procedure. For example, they can take the patient outdoors and compare ordinary sunglasses with polarized lenses to show the difference in color quality and reduce glare. There are also glare boxes that patients can check to understand the effectiveness of polarization. In order to keep the sales of sunglasses stable after the summer, you can carry out promotional activities and provide coupons for outstanding candidates who prefer lenses. Patients with corrective surgery, sensitive eyes or cataracts are likely to need polarized lenses. Most people don't know that polarization will increase their comfort and help prevent eye problems. If you sell sunglasses to all patients and make a convincing demonstration, your customer base may end up buying polarized non-polarized lenses.
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