Prada sunglasses, how much do you know?

u003cbru003ePrada sunglasses, a top fashion sunglasses brand from Italy. With its unique big-brand charm, it has captured the hearts of a group of people who chase fashion and quality, and has become a popular classic fashion item among sunglasses brands. . So, how much do you know about such a big fashion sunglasses? Prada Sunglasses——Brand Introduction Prada is a well-known brand of high-quality products in Italy. It has many products, designing clothing, luggage, perfume, shoes, accessories, sunglasses and other fields. Prada sunglasses is one of its many products, but it has a very high reputation and fame in the upper class of Italy, and it is the better choice brand for sunglasses consumption in the upper class. Prada Sunglasses——Product Features Prada sunglasses follow Prada's usual big-name route. The unique design, high-end quality and versatile UV protection have attracted the attention of many people and become a keen consumer product. Prada sunglasses-distinguish the authenticity 1. Observe the material of the glasses: the genuine Prada sunglasses are made of injection molding, so the frame is light, cool and eye-catching to wear, and has a good UV protection effect. The fake Prada sunglasses do not have these characteristics . 2. Observation glasses workmanship: The genuine Prada sunglasses are made of fine workmanship and high-end abrasive tools, which cannot be compared with other glasses. 3. Observe the logo details of the glasses. The logo on the temples of the genuine Prada sunglasses will look clear and eye-catching, as if integrated with the temples, while the counterfeit ones look rough and hover over the temples. 4. Observing the packaging and accessories of the glasses. Genuine Prada sunglasses have the product code and color number on the temples. The certificate has relevant information such as the manufacturer's name, and the authentic sunglasses will have a certificate of conformity with the distributor. As well as the manufacturer's manual, etc., be sure to look at these when purchasing. Prada sunglasses-care and maintenance 1. When the lens is stained with oily dirt or fingerprints, do not use your fingers or nails to remove the stains to avoid scratching the lens, but rinse with professional detergent or water, and then use a soft cotton cloth or special purpose Wipe the lens with wipe paper. 2. If you don't wear sunglasses, you should support the mirror legs with both hands to remove and fold them. Generally, first fold the left leg and then the right leg, and then turn the mirror face up to avoid scratching the lens face down. Some people like to hang their glasses on top of their heads when they don’t wear sunglasses, so that the hooks are easily broken. 3. It is not advisable to leave sunglasses in a high temperature environment for a long time, such as the dashboard of a car. This will cause the sunglasses to be thermally deformed and affect the appearance of the sunglasses. Especially Prada sunglasses are made of injection molding materials, and the frame is almost not heat resistant, so, Never put sunglasses in high temperature environment. 4. Avoid contact of cosmetic products with chemical composition to the glasses to avoid discoloration or deformation of the sunglasses. If they are accidentally spilled on the sunglasses, they should be cleaned with clean water in time and wiped with special lens cloth or paper. The above is the relevant information of Prada sunglasses. If you want to know more, you can communicate with the editor through Sina Weibo (the official microblog of glasses), or you can purchase related products through online customer service.
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