Precautions for buying sunglasses?

u003cbru003eSunglasses, also called sun-shading mirrors, are used for sun-shading. People usually adjust the luminous flux by adjusting the size of their pupils in the sun. When the intensity of the light exceeds the adjustment ability of the human eyes, it will cause damage to the human eyes. Therefore, in outdoor activities, especially in summer, many people use sun-shading glasses to block the sun to reduce the fatigue caused by eye adjustment or the damage caused by strong light stimulation. When buying sunglasses, be sure to check whether the pair of sunglasses are UV-coated lenses that can absorb 99% of ultraviolet rays, and then check whether the transmittance of visible light is good, and glasses with good transmittance can visually make the scene. It looks clearer and more natural. Many people think that the darker the lens, the more effective it is to prevent ultraviolet rays from damaging the eyes. In fact, this view is wrong. If the color of the lens is darker, the amount of light transmitted must be less. If the amount of light transmitted is less, the pupil will become larger, which leads to more incident ultraviolet rays. Therefore, the color depth of the sunglasses lens is suitable to be 75%~80%. The color depth here refers to the degree to which other people can see your eyes after wearing the sunglasses. If the lens is too dark, it will be difficult for others to see your eyes. Therefore, the best color depth for sunglasses lenses is 75% to 80%. In summary, we can know that as long as we wear glasses, we can check the quality. Related Reading: Sunglasses Polarized Sunglasses
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