Prepare your eyes for sun protection

u003cbru003eIn the hot summer, have you prepared enough sunscreen? It's not just as simple as applying some sunscreen cream. The eyes also need adequate sunscreen. The most effective thing is to choose an effective one for your eyes. Sunglasses that filter out ultraviolet rays. YC9707 Women's Sunglasses C8 tortoiseshell/colorful yellow colorful lenses have the same resistance to ultraviolet rays? In theory, the color will not affect the effect of UV protection, but different colors have different functions to adjust the light intensity. The color of the lens is ideally gray and gray-green, and gray is the best. It can uniformly reduce the chromaticity of various colors in the light and retain the original color of the image. Other colors such as blue will make the objects you see tend to be blue, so you will feel dazzling in the sun; yellow-brown lenses can block blue and make your vision comfortable. Ray-Ban RB4125F Men’s Sunglasses 901. Does the color depth of the black lens affect the anti-ultraviolet function? The depth of the lens color does not mean that the effect of filtering ultraviolet rays is good. On the contrary, colorless lenses, such as myopia, can also block ultraviolet rays. The depth of the lens only affects the luminosity when looking at things. You don't need to wear too deep glasses or mirrors in urban areas. If you are going to the beach, mountain climbing, or skiing, you need to wear dark mirrors or mirrors. 9805 Mirror legs, gun lens, dark green toad mirror, genuine driver's mirror, men’s alloy polarized sunglasses, will inferior quality sunglasses cause more damage? When the eyes encounter strong light, the pupils will naturally shrink to reduce the entry of light, and the damage from ultraviolet rays Smaller; if you wear poor-quality glasses, although the lens weakens the light, it does not filter out the ultraviolet rays. The pupils will be enlarged due to the weakening of the light, so more ultraviolet rays will enter the eyes and cause damage. Sunglasses are worn during the day, night, indoors and outdoors. They can resist injury well? If the eyes are used to dim light for a long time, the pupils will naturally expand frequently. Once the glasses are taken off, they will not be able to withstand the stimulation of strong light. And the discomfort of the eyes will hurt the eyes instead. Related Reading: Sunglasses Polarized Sunglasses Brand
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