Reflective sunglasses are set well to lead the fashion

u003cbru003eReflective sunglasses became popular in 2014. Two years later, reflective sunglasses are still the default trendy bonus on the street. Six of the ten girls on the street are dressed in reflective sunglasses + lip-biting makeup + beautiful clothes. It's not that there is anything wrong with this dress, but one reflective sunglasses is enough 'dazzling'. If you match it again Wearing beautiful clothes and makeup will look very exaggerated. We must learn to use low-key clothes and makeup to contrast the exaggeration of sunglasses. Reflective sunglasses + bright color lipstick + bright color top, also matched with a hat and Choker (collar), too many bright spots on the whole body, it is easy to lose style. Reflective sunglasses are very eye-catching, so if the texture of the metal is not good, it will directly lower the grade of the whole body match. If you want to wear reflective sunglasses, the key is to balance the sense of style. Don't use too much force. If you don't believe it, you see: the whole body is black and gray, neutral coat and neat hairstyle, these are deliberately 'low-keyRound mirror. Lily Aldridge also wears a collar to increase the sense of styling, but did you not find that she chose 'light' makeup to accentuate the sunglasses? This fashion blogger wears extremely loose and casual clothes with a pair of reflective sunglasses. She seems to want The modern feeling and unrestrained style of the show are more fully displayed! The spacious white shirt is matched with cool reflective sunglasses, and a pair of unrestrained free and easy styles. Although it has flaming red lips, it seems to add a touch of sexy and charming to the free and easy. Do not conflict. u003cbru003eReflective Sunglasses Fashion and Fashion Light Up All Season u003cbru003e u003cbru003eReflective sunglasses, as a popular accessory, are indispensable in daily outfits. No matter what kind of sunglasses, as long as they are reflective lenses, you can instantly increase your fashion. Among them, blue mirrors have good effects. If you like colors, green or pink reflective effects are also very good. Take advantage of the abundant summer sun, bring reflective sunglasses and go to the streets!
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