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u003cbru003eJust after New Year's Day, and seeing the Chinese New Year in a month, the weather is getting colder and colder. Walking on the street, I see girls from all walks of life wearing warm clothes. How can there be less cute woolen hats and woolen hats in winter? Presumably every girl has a girlish heart buried deep or shallow! Today Xiaobian tells you, a warm hat and a pair of round-frame glasses will make you cute to the limit! Today Xiaobian has my goddess please Hanamaki Song Zhixiao will give you an example to explain. In the popular Korean variety show 'RunningManEspecially when she wears glasses without makeup, she shows a different style. The baseball cap with animal prints and round-frame glasses look small and cute. The beanie is matched with frame glasses to create her fashionable and warm style. The round-frame glasses make Song Jixiao's smile sweeter and face more delicate, which makes the audience adorable. A pair of round-frame glasses, plus a warm line cap, go and create your winter warm and adorable style! Related reading: round-frame glasses glasses frame
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