Say goodbye to the pie face with one trick, just use sunglasses!

u003cbru003eIn this era of small faces in power, everyone regards small faces as beautiful, but what about big faces? Faces are hard to lose weight! Many people often mistakenly think that they are actually fat because of big faces. In other words, even if you are very thin, your face will ruin everything! What a painful realization, at this time, you should meet it-sunglasses! Say goodbye to the pie face, you can do it in one move. There is no persuasive reasoning out of thin air, so let's take a look at the celebrities' demonstrations first. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's big backless jumpsuit is obviously very eye-catching, showing her good figure. The large sunglasses with her romantic wavy curly hair further bring out the fashionable atmosphere of a modern girl, brown lenses and The complexion echoes perfectly, and more importantly, the large-frame sunglasses with shawl and long curly hair. Under the interaction of the two, a small face is no longer a dream! Ray-Ban RB3541 sunglasses 001/13 gold/tea piece Dita Von Teese are not at any time Ignore her own manners, and the tight-fitting dress in the shape of a vase is even better for her, which perfectly sets off her graceful figure with lumps and convexity, and the red and gorgeous colors add to the attention. Her face is somewhat square, and this type of face is actually not dominant for girls, but the large-frame sunglasses harmonize the proportions of the face, even if it is 'big brightAnta AT8002C1 black big frame sunglasses trendy fashion women’s genuine polarized sunglasses, don’t forget, you should also pay attention to choosing sunglasses, the ones that suit you are good! Let the editor teach you a trick, how to choose the sunglasses that suit your face shape . (Related article: A good matching of sunglasses and face is a concave shape artifact) The principle and characteristics of matching a square face with sunglasses: wide forehead and wide chin (very cool face). Principle: The principle of complementarity, when the face is already square, use soft lines to soften the sense of edges and corners. Suitable type: Frames with soft lines, such as round and oval, can soften the lines of your face, weaken the edges and corners of the face, and increase the softness of the face. Mistake: Avoid square glasses with too many corners, otherwise it will appear to have too many lines on your face. Related Reading: Men's Sunglasses, Women's Sunglasses
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