Several parameters that must be understood when buying sunglasses

u003cbru003eWhen many friends who wear sunglasses buy sunglasses, brand, appearance and price are the three things they care about. Not many people know about some parameters of sunglasses. In fact, these parameters determine the function and nature of sunglasses to a certain extent. Therefore, understanding several important parameters of sunglasses can provide you with a certain reference value when buying sunglasses. Let us take a look together below! UV index-the degree of UV protection The meaning of the UV standard refers to: the human eye's perception of light is 380~780nm (that is, visible light), and ultraviolet light refers to light with a wavelength below 380nm (invisible light). The meaning of UV380 is that it can effectively block light with a wavelength below 380nm. The UV400 standard also blocks part of the visible light at the same time, so part of the color will be lost. Generally speaking, the UV index of most sunglasses is between 96%-98%. Polarized light-polarized light, polarization filter Polarizers are sunglasses that can effectively filter out glare, manufactured according to the principle of polarization of light. By effectively eliminating and filtering the scattered light in the beam, the light can be input into the visual image of the eye on the transmission axis of the normal track, so that the visual field is clear and natural. This kind of lens is very suitable for driving and outdoor activities, and has been favored by consumers in recent years.
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