Should I wear sunglasses for my kids?

u003cbru003eTake your children out. Many parents choose to wear sunglasses for their children because they are afraid that ultraviolet rays will harm their eyes. Some people say that wearing sunglasses will affect their children’s vision development. Should children wear sunglasses? The principle of children's sunglasses selection is the same as that of adults' use of sunglasses: one is to ensure that they can effectively avoid ultraviolet rays. Generally, optical shops do not have detection methods. You can only buy branded sunglasses in branded optical shops to improve Guarantee rate; second, the color vision is not distorted after wearing sunglasses, which can be judged by audition; third, the optical power is within the qualified range, which can be obtained by measurement. In addition, children are lively and active, and lenses with good strength should be used to prevent breakage. Generally, resin lenses should be used. YC9702 Ladies Sunglasses C3 Black/Colorful Blue Lenses Children’s pupils are more sensitive to strong light stimulation, and can reduce the light entering the fundus under strong light. Children have a strong ability to get used to their eyes. Even if they are some fake sunglasses, children can quickly get used to them without feeling uncomfortable. Therefore, in addition to the strong need for protection from sunlight, in general, try not to wear sunglasses for children to decorate. . YC9708 General Sunglasses C8 Red Frame Gold Legs/Lens Gray Many people feel that wearing sunglasses often makes their eyes uncomfortable. There are two main reasons: one is that even qualified sunglasses will have some small optical power, which will cause fatigue and discomfort to the human eyes; the second is that the image quality of sunglasses will be reduced compared with that without glasses. Increasing the intensity of eye conditioning will also cause eye fatigue in the long term. He suggested that normal people try to reduce the time they spend wearing sunglasses when they are unnecessary. Related Reading: Sunglasses Polarized Sunglasses Brand
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