Summer is coming, wear sunglasses when going out

u003cbru003eIt was hot yesterday. I saw an old lady on the street with a wrinkled face wearing a white-framed aviator sunglasses, very fashionable. At first I thought she was only about 60 years old. After she took off her glasses, I saw deep-set eyes and ravine-like crow's feet. She seemed to be 80 years old.   Knowing why the celebrity goes out wearing sunglasses, half of his face is covered, which is a good cover for age and fatigue. In the summer of this era, sunglasses have become necessities of life, and all men, women and children on the street cover their eyes with them. I have also seen a few particularly funny ones. The sunglasses are worn low and the eyebrows are exposed. You have to lift your eyelids up when you look at the road, how you look like the blind A Bing. Many people around the sunglasses come from the night market, the kind of products that buy one get one free for tens of dollars, in fact, sunglasses are as important as myopia. I heard that inferior sunglasses can make people's eyes dizzy. To put it bluntly, they are made of two materials. Plastic (10795, 175.00, 1.65%) sheets cannot block UVA and UVB in ultraviolet rays at all. You said that you can't see things clearly while wearing two plastic sheets, and your eyes have been working hard. Can you not feel dizzy?   Sunglasses should still be bought at a regular eyeglass store. The clerk will do detailed tests and recommendations based on your eyesight. If you want to buy them at a stall, at least the glasses must have a QS logo and a production license.
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