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u003cbru003eThe weather is getting hotter and the temperature is getting higher and higher. If you can only choose one item to enhance your aura in the summer, it is definitely sunglasses. However, the choice of sunglasses cannot only be based on the style, but mainly depends on the quality of the sunglasses. The quality of the lens is mainly affected by two aspects: material and film. Today we mainly understand the material difference of the lens. 1. The glass polarizer is the best choice in terms of transmittance, purity, contrast or post-coating treatment, and it is not easy to be scratched; therefore, optical glass still has an irreplaceable position. But at the same time, there are the following three problems: 1) safety problems, fragile; 2) weight problems, too heavy, and wearing comfort is greatly reduced; 3) health problems, long-time wearing, the nose is uncomfortable, the front is heavy and the back is light. 2. CR39 ordinary resin lens material, widely used in optical lenses, such as myopia lenses. However, it can also be used as sunglasses lenses, as long as the polarized and dyed coating is good, but the coating is unstable. YC9702 Ladies Sunglasses C3 Black/Lens Colorful Blue 3, TAC Polarized Lens The most common polarized lens. Sunglasses of tens to hundreds of dollars are commonly used in such lenses. Disadvantages: easy to deform, easy to scratch, poor optical performance; easy to break under impact. 4. PC and TAC are similar, ranging from tens to hundreds, but generally do not make polarized light because of the high cost. PC has strong impact resistance and can be made into bulletproof glass. PC with good light transmittance is also the mainstream lens of protective glasses. Some luxury brands also use PC lenses. But the disadvantage of PC is that the optical performance is not as good as CR39 and glass, and the surface is not scratch-resistant as CR39. However, PC lenses with hard coating are still the best choice for sunglasses. YC9708 General Sunglasses C7 black frame silver legs/lens gray 5, PC polarizer, a derivative of PC lens, is a lens technology that thermally bonds polarizing film and UV film. This kind of lens body strength is lower than PC lens, but higher than traditional polarizer. 6. Nylon Nylon lens has the physical strength close to PC and the optical performance of CR39, and it is light in weight and can be used for polarized light. It is an ideal sunglasses material. 7. NXT was originally the bulletproof glass for Apache fighters, Oakley used to make lenses, which not only polarized light, but also blocked UV, but also bulletproof. After knowing the material of the lens, it is not difficult for us to distinguish. The most suitable material for sunglasses is nylon first and PC second. But for the same PC film, there are also high light transmittance and general film. This is the difference between three or five cheap PC films and dozens or even hundreds of PC films. If you are still struggling to choose sunglasses, you might as well pay more attention. Many of your doubts can be answered here! Related reading: glasses, sunglasses
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