Sunglasses and face matching

u003cbru003eWearing a pair of fashionable sunglasses has become the finishing touch for everyone to beautify themselves and match their clothes. In fact, the matching of sunglasses and face shape is like matching myopia glasses with face shape. If you want to achieve good results and show the beauty, you need to match your face shape. The round face is suitable for glasses with a slightly thicker frame, cold lens color, and darker color, which has the visual effect of 'tightening' the face. Overly bright yellow, red lenses or sunglasses with slender and soft frame lines will make the face bigger. People with small faces are suitable for wearing thin-framed or rimless sunglasses. The lens color is elegant blue, purple, and light brown, which will have unexpected effects. People with longer faces should choose wider round or curved mirrors and slightly thicker temples to reduce the slenderness of a long face. Slender faces are generally skinny. Choose feminine pink or wine red lenses to increase the brightness of the face. In addition, people with a square face should choose sunglasses with narrower frames on top and bottom with small rounded corners. Frames that are too large and too square will only make the face look more square, and the color of the lenses should be steady brown. The triangle-shaped face is suitable for lighter lenses, thinner metal frames or rimless sunglasses to reduce the weight above the face, so as not to make the originally wide face more expansive.
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