Sunglasses and lipstick match different queen fan

u003cbru003eWhen we cover most of our face with sunglasses, our lips become the focus of our makeup. To show a better taste, we need to match our lips with sunglasses. And if you don’t have time to make-up, pick a lipstick you like, and then wear cool sunglasses, you can instantly act like a queen. Take a look at the queen fan of the following four sunglasses and lipsticks. 1. The color of the sunglasses is too bright, let the naked lips come to your rescue-the sweet queen Fan Liang color sunglasses are more eye-catching, bright white, bright pink, fluorescent green, make you sparkle in any occasion. But at this time, it is also easy to make up too messy and too much color on the body, which will produce a little funny effect. Nude lipstick is definitely the savior of bright sunglasses. Don't paint big pink or orange to play with the color, but a simple nude lip that makes you look neat and clean. Of course, nude lips sometimes look pale, so it’s better to choose nude lipsticks with flesh pink or flesh orange, with a face that has been exposed to the sun, a pair of sweet queen fan! 2, reflect light Sunglasses are a touch of sweetness-sexy fashion queen Fan If you haven't bought a pair of trendy reflective sunglasses, how dare you say that you are following the fashion. This season’s best-selling single-product reflective glasses are too dazzling, even simple clothes, as long as they are paired with reflective sunglasses, they will immediately become very Chic! Supermodel Cara likes to wear a mirror at the camera outside the show Making faces makes it hard not to be photographed on the street. Although sunglasses are very eye-catching, they will also make you look too individual. It is a good choice to use pink lipstick to increase the sweetness. The red is too harsh, and the purple is too crippling. Only pink will neutralize the rebellious feeling brought by the mirror and give your outfit a touch of sweetness. Whether it is a highly saturated pink or a light pink, it is a good choice to show you the sexy fashion queen. 3. Retro mirrors need matte texture-free and unrestrained queen Fan sings the highlight of retro glasses every season. This pair of Dior glasses swept through the street shooting of fashion week, and many street photographers also wore retro glasses. The lenses are paired with slightly sporty clothes, a craze for mixing and matching. Although clothes and vintage glasses can be mixed and matched, lip colors cannot be chosen randomly. Rihanna chose red lipstick full of matte texture, obviously better than the ladies. And street photographers have also locked in this kind of positive red lip color that looks like matte particles, which will be more amorous in combination with your retro sunglasses. You can apply a layer of matte lipstick and squeeze off the excess oil with a tissue. The texture is a bit dry but looks very fashionable. It is definitely the queen of bold and free personality! 4. The deep red under the black sunglasses-Domineering Queen Fan estimates that each of us has a pair of insurance dark black sunglasses on the dressing table, enough to accompany us to any occasion. Just look at the interpretation of street shooters, whether you are a star or not, you are instantly full of aura, and the deep black flashing makes her look full of mystery. This year’s fascinating lipstick color, in addition to the 'star color' on the street, is waiting for you to try it. This color is richer than red and more noble than purple. When you wear black sunglasses, it will Let you have a dangerous breath. This color is recommended to be applied carefully with a lip brush. If there is a little faint, the texture will immediately be reduced by several levels. The painting is exquisite and full without any defects. This is the deep red lip that a black super woman should have , Perfectly shows the domineering queen fan! Sunglasses are a versatile artifact, as long as the lips are slightly modified, you can show your unique style well. But there are various styles of sunglasses, lipstick colors are also various, and people's preferences are also different, so the above sharing is for your reference only. In short, the color of sunglasses and lipstick shouldn't be too different, just OK~ Related reading: Sunglasses, Fashion Sunglasses
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