Sunglasses can be amazing for the summer

u003cbru003eThe summer sun is so dazzling, how can you not appear without' target='_blank'>sunglasses? Of course, sunglasses are not only used for shading, but also a high-quality matching artifact! But if you don’t wear sunglasses, your 'beauty' dream will also be soaked. ! To be amazing this summer, sunglasses need to be matched like this: 1. Match with the face shape 1. Cat eye cat glasses temperament queen's love, one minute to bring out the high-end sense of the prada queen. The oval face and diamond face with cat glasses are good choices to make the face look more perfect. 2. Square square mirrors are occasionally more toned with square sunglasses, but this type of sunglasses is not something you can try for every face shape. People with heart-shaped faces wear more feel. Heart-shaped faces look good with every kind of sunglasses, but heart-shaped faces match retro sunglasses better. 3. Round mirror. Korean girls like classic sunglasses. Although the face is very thin, as long as they have some fleshy sunglasses, they will look very good. A square face will look more rigid. It is a good choice to use round sunglasses to offset the angularity of the face. 4. The combination of the aviator glasses and the metal frame of the aviator is handsome. It is more suitable for people with small or long faces. Covering the face can also make the curvature of the middle of the face look more perfect. 5. Oversize oversize sunglasses and oversize lens glasses is hope to become the love of slap-faced girls. GD and Xiao S are such glasses, which I feel will be super popular this year. Second, the matching of sunglasses and lip color. The advantage of wearing sunglasses is that you don't need to paint eye makeup. At this time, all the focus has been moved to lip makeup. 1. Semi-wrapped sunglasses × pink lipstick Candice Swanepoel wears tortoiseshell sunglasses with golden hair. The coral pink lip color is not only natural, but also very suitable for her skin tone. 2. Tortoiseshell gold-rimmed sunglasses x orange lipstick Tang Yan also has tortoiseshell sunglasses frame, but the frame is slightly thicker than the one above, and the color is also different. Pairing with orange lipstick makes the complexion brighter overall! 3. Metal Toad Mirror × Nude Lipstick Toad Mirror was popular among urban youths in the 1980s, and they are also picky about the face shape. If the makeup is too strong Makes the entire face look unnatural. Kendall Jenner uses eye-catching toad mirrors with nude lipsticks. This light lip color is easy to capture the hearts of men~4. Retro pure black sunglasses × retro matte red lipstick. When it comes to lip color, I have to say Red lips, every time you see red lips, you will definitely think of Fan Ye! Such a domineering and gorgeous lip color, paired with low-key cool pure black sunglasses is simply perfect! 5. Cat-eye sunglasses × matte series lipstick, who says matte The lip color can't shine anymore, which is not as good as our collocation. Cat-eye glasses enhance facial features and edges. Related Reading: Sunglasses Women's Sunglasses Brand
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