Sunglasses + sun hat: a combination of women with small faces

u003cbru003eMany girls have a headache because they have fat faces. They are obviously thin and still look fat. After all, girls always look thin as beautiful. Is there any way to show small faces? I tell you , The combination of' target='_blank'>sunglasses and sun hat is your high-quality choice! This wide-brimmed hat is a must-have for vacations. The wide brim has a natural lotus leaf edge, which can not only shade the sun, but also thin your face. At this time, wear a pair of sunglasses. However, brown lenses are relatively healthier for the human body. The combination of the two makes it more stylish. YC9708 Universal Sunglasses C4 tortoiseshell frame gold legs/lens brown black sunglasses are suitable for fair-skinned girls. If the skin is darker, choose dark brown and brown sunglasses for brightening effect. YC9705 Universal Sunglasses C1 Bright Black/Lens Grey Big Frame Sunglasses must be the saviour for people with big faces, because the big lens will cover a large part of the face at once. If you wear a sun hat at this time, it will cover it. Forehead, the face looks even smaller! S9103 sunglasses C01 frame black / lens gradient gray related reading: fashion sunglasses brand sunglasses
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