Teach you how to choose sunglasses in many ways

u003cbru003eThe editor sees people coming and going on the street. Many friends can’t wait to put on sunglasses. Sunglasses are a good choice for decoration or blocking the light. So the question is, do you know how to buy sunglasses? Today, the editor will teach you to choose the sunglasses that suit you from many aspects. The basic functions of Ray-Ban RB3016-M men's sunglasses 1182/4E wood grain sunglasses to buy 1. A pair of qualified sunglasses must be able to block the passage of ultraviolet rays, have good resolution for traffic signals of different colors, and the regular sunglasses are flat lenses Series, the diopter is strictly controlled below 0.008 degrees. If the diopter exceeds the standard, long-term wearing will make the eyes feel tired and damage eyesight. 2. Pay attention to the anti-ultraviolet logo when choosing sunglasses. Generally, the lens or package of sunglasses will be marked with '100% UV protectionIf you wear low-quality sunglasses that cannot block ultraviolet rays, more ultraviolet rays enter your eyes than without sunglasses, which is more likely to cause eye damage. 3. When buying sunglasses, go to a regular store to buy them. Rough sunglasses can easily cause headaches, eye pain, fatigue and other discomforts after wearing them, and can easily cause vision loss. In addition, do not choose glasses with large frames. This kind of glasses will increase the burden of the adjustment function of the eyeball and damage the eyesight. 4. Children should not wear sunglasses, because wearing sunglasses will greatly weaken the light stimulation of the children's retina, affect visual development, and even cause amblyopia. Sunglasses matching decoration purchase 1. Frame color In most cases, our frames have a natural and smooth curvature. But life needs innovation. If you can design some special shapes for the curve of the frame, it will be very innovative. Girls with imperfect faces can use this to conceal yourself. How to choose when the frame and lens are the same color? It can make the frame brighter in color, so as to draw a clear line, not to hinder the overall harmony and avoid chaos. Because the color of the sunglasses is relatively single, it is very different to decorate the sunglasses with some bright-colored decorations, and it is very lively and cute to wear cool in summer. 2. Face shape with more angular frames is more suitable for square sunglasses. Can highlight your sense of silhouette. But this kind of sunglasses is a restricted area for people with square faces. If you think your face is a cute round face, the master mirror will suit you very well. It will also add a bit of playful and alternative flavor to you. People with long faces are suitable for choosing flat and wide rectangular frames, which can visually improve the aspect ratio of your face. Sunglasses with many shapes of Guazi face are available. But the small lens and the longer shape will highlight your natural advantages. Ray-Ban RB4242 unisex glasses frame 6201/13 brown sunglasses lens color selection Some people think that the darker the lens color of the sunglasses, the better, this view is wrong. The color of the lens is too dark, which will seriously affect the visibility. The eyes are easily damaged due to the difficulty of seeing things, but they cannot protect the eyes. Experts suggest that the lens should be able to pass through 30% of the visible light, preferably gray and green. In this way, not only can it resist ultraviolet radiation, but also the visibility of objects is good, and the color changes of external objects are also small. Related reading: Sunglasses and sunglasses
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