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The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and sunglasses are becoming popular on the streets again. Because sunglasses can not only block the damage to the eyes caused by the sun's glare, but also can be used as a mysterious weapon for fashionable dress. Although many people are wearing sunglasses, how many people know the precautions for wearing and how to maintain sunglasses? Recommended reading: Have you noticed the 'shelf life' of sunglasses? Fashionable sunglasses make you active in the sun, so free. In fact, sunglasses can block the sun, but they can't block the pollution damage, so take care of them to avoid losing face. In fact, the method of maintaining sunglasses is like maintaining ordinary glasses. You must develop a habit of cleaning, folding, and storing. It’s just that sunglasses are often taken off and worn, and they will get scratched if you are not careful, so there are some small details to remind you: When sunglasses are stained, don’t use your nails to pick them, it is easy to scratch Surface. When the sunglasses are not worn, many people will hang them on their heads, collars or pockets. At this time, the body movement range should not be too large to avoid tearing or crashing. Or someone will put it in a handbag. It is recommended that you put it in a hard glasses case first, and then put it in the handbag to avoid being worn out by small things such as keys, combs, copper plates, or contaminated with lipstick and other cosmetics. Sunglasses worn by drivers are often placed on the dashboard or on the seat when they are not worn. This is a very bad habit. Hot weather will bake the sunglasses out of shape, especially the plastic frame. , It is best to take it out of the car, or store it in the glasses storage box. No matter where you store your sunglasses, be sure to remember to face up. No matter where you store your sunglasses, be sure to remember to face up.
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