Teach you how to make up beautiful with glasses

u003cbru003eThere are more and more girls wearing glasses. Whether it is for real short-sighted needs, fashion trends, or other needs, it is undeniable that frame glasses are needed and loved by more and more girls. So do you want to wear glasses and still have beautiful makeup? I will teach you to make you more beautiful. Four styles give you a different feeling and different beauty. Style 1: Long frame + lower eyelashes to strengthen the arc eye shape, reduce the pressure of the frame! The long frame has an elegant and innocent feeling, and the degree of compassion increases sharply after wearing it! However, the flat frame has a sense of pressure, and the thick eye makeup makes the eyes more Small, it is better to wear eyelashes and use fan-shaped eyelashes to enlarge the eye shape and strengthen the charm! Tips: Tools can be used to help stick along the roots of the eyelashes, but it is better to use the eyebrow curler to clamp the false eyelashes Get started. Style 2: Two-color frame + trimming color orange blush brush to slightly modify the dark circles under the eyes. Orange blush brush can modify the shadow of dark circles under the eyes, and the width of the cheeks seems to shrink accordingly. Even if the frames are colored, they are not afraid of swelling! Tips: The range control brush under the eyes is stained with orange, and brush from just below the black eyeball along the edge of the dark circle to the end of the eye. Style 3: Dark blue frame + pink cheek bright blush to reduce the dullness of the dark frame. Dark green frame if lined with coral orange blush will make the face dark, choose a brighter complexion to make the look lively! Tips :Powder blusher, make a round brush from the smiling muscles, and then gently brush with the remaining powder to brighten the cheeks. Style 4: Round frame + lift up eyeliner and eyeliner, the eyes are more feminine and feminine. Round frame glasses always give people a lovely feeling. If the eyeliner is extended beyond the end of the eye, the eye shape will be slender and slightly charming, and the shape will be cute and expressive. Sexy feminine. Tips: 1. Align the eyeliner to the end of the eyebrow and draw the brown eyeliner softer, just pull it flat to the end of the eyebrow, too long will be too gorgeous. 2. Brushing the eyelashes with thick mascara can increase the density of the roots and create invisible eyeliner to make the eye shape deeper. Related reading: Frame glasses myopia glasses
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