The choice of sunglasses to protect eyesight is very important

u003cbru003eWhen outdoor activities in strong sunlight in summer, you need to wear high-quality sunglasses to protect your eyes. In particular, we should remind the wearers of contact lenses that there are currently UV-protected contact lenses on the market, but in fact contact lenses have little effect on UV protection. They really protect the eyes and reduce UV damage, effectively reducing the risk of cataracts and pterygium. The correct way is to choose high-quality sunglasses to wear while wearing contact lenses. How to choose sunglasses? First of all, look at the visual effect. When wearing sunglasses, you can see things clearly and comfortably; the sides of the sunglasses should not be too tight, but if the sunglasses are loose, it will also affect the visual comfort. Mask-type or edge-shielding sunglasses can block ultraviolet rays on the sides, top, and bottom of ordinary frames, but they may also increase optical distortion. How to test the visual effect: Please wear sunglasses, then look at a straight object and move your head. If you find that the straight line is bent, it means that the lens is defective and distorts your vision. Then, the color of the selected color lens should be uniform, rather than different shades. If a gradient lens is used, the color of the lens should gradually become lighter from the top to the bottom, and the color should be uniform. If you plan to buy sunglasses for driving, check the labels to make sure they meet the requirements for identifying traffic signals. The shading of some sunglasses can distort the color of road signs, especially sunglasses that have a special function of blocking ultraviolet light. You cannot wear such sunglasses while driving. At the same time, people who wear contact lenses also need to pay special attention. The high temperature and high humidity in summer are suitable for the growth and reproduction of bacteria and viruses, especially Staphylococcus aureus. Staphylococcus aureus is a common germ that easily causes eye inflammation. Disinfection and sterilization of the nursing solution becomes more important. Studies have found that the use of qualified care solutions can clean the deposits on the surface of the lens through a complete and correct cleaning method, which can kill 90% of the pathogenic bacteria. The country has strict standards for contact lenses and care solutions. Only the care solutions certified by the State Food and Drug Administration are qualified products. Glasses suggest that you must first wash your hands when wearing and removing contact lenses; you must carefully clean the contact lenses every day after removing the contact lenses. The deposits and pathogens on the surface of the lenses are first cleaned by rubbing with a care solution and part of the cleaning process is removed. This way The subsequent sterilization and preservation can be carried out effectively. At the same time, rubbing can more obviously remove the grease and protein attached to the lens; contact lenses must be soaked in the care solution for more than 4 hours to have a good sterilization effect; You need to use the care solution to clean the contact lenses on both sides; do not rub your eyes with your hands, and wash your hands frequently.
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