The difference between polarized sunglasses and non-polarized sunglasses

u003cbru003e1. The easiest way to find an LCD screen is to find a mobile phone and put the glasses horizontally towards the screen of the mobile phone. When the glasses are turned in front of the screen, the screen becomes bright and dark. No change in how to rotate, it is not a polarizer. (This method has been reported by CCTV Finance, you can also try it) Recommended reading: Wearing the wrong sunglasses in order to be cool is too harmful to your eyes 2. This is the simplest method: stack two polarized lenses vertically, facing the sun There will be opacity. If it is transparent, at least one pair of lenses is not polarized. The reason is that the special design of the polarizer lens only allows parallel light to pass through the lens, and most of the light is blocked when the two lenses are stacked vertically. So when buying, as long as such a simple operation, you can immediately know the authenticity and quality of the product. 3. Optical shops generally have a special identification board for distinguishing polarizers. Wearing a polarizer can see patterns that you don't see with the naked eye! You can't see that pattern even with ordinary sunglasses. For example, in the identification board below, when you wear polarized sunglasses, you can clearly see a big fish, and you can't see it without wearing or wearing ordinary sunglasses. 4. UV400 means 100% blocking of ultraviolet rays. The following method can easily measure the anti-ultraviolet effect of the lens. Sunglasses on the market may not have the effect of isolating ultraviolet rays. If you want to know whether the lens can isolate ultraviolet rays: find an ultraviolet currency detector lamp, or a currency detector pen, for a hundred yuan. Directly illuminate the renminbi and you can see 100 yuan renminbi UV anti-counterfeiting. If there is a lens with UV400 function, no anti-counterfeiting can be seen. ??
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