The difference between sunglasses and polarized lenses can be understood at a glance

u003cbru003eWhen shopping for sunglasses, although most of my friends choose polarized sunglasses, do you know the difference between polarized lenses and ordinary sunglasses? Recommended reading: Hey! Do you really understand sunglasses? Gucci tortoiseshell tea lens sunglasses 1. The difference between polarized lenses and sunglasses. Polarized lenses also belong to the category of sunglasses. They are anti-ultraviolet and reduce the intensity of light. Polarizers have an effect that ordinary sunglasses do not have. This effect is to effectively block and filter out all kinds of polarized light harmful to the eyes. Simply distinguish whether the polarized lens is a polarized lens, just stack two polarized lenses vertically, if there is no light, it means it is a real polarized lens, otherwise it is ordinary sunglasses. The principle is that because the special design of the polarized lens only allows parallel light to pass through the lens, most of the light will be blocked when two lenses are stacked vertically. 2. What is polarized light? The so-called polarized light is the irregular reflected light produced when light passes through uneven roads, water surfaces and other places, also called glare. When these rays of light irradiate human eyes directly, it will make people’s eyes uncomfortable and fatigued, making it impossible to see objects for a long time, and the clarity of the objects they see is obviously insufficient. 3. The main purpose of the polarizer YC9707 ladies sunglasses C8 tortoiseshell/colorful yellow polarizer is mainly used to protect the eyes from damage under certain conditions. But for those who are not very demanding, just use ordinary sunglasses. Of course, if you are a car owner who needs to drive, it is better to wear polarized sunglasses when driving, because driving often encounters various glare, and polarized sunglasses can block part of the glare while filtering out the ground or oncoming cars. The strong light reflected from the body makes the vision clearer, reduces visual fatigue, and is conducive to safe driving. In addition, it is more appropriate to wear polarized lenses when fishing, skiing, and outdoor sports on vacation. Related Reading: Sunglasses Polarized Sunglasses
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