The fashion halo of Toad Mirror has never faded

u003cbru003eToad mirror is a kind of sunglasses. Because the lens is large and light in color, it is called toad mirror because it looks like two big eyes of a toad on a person's face. In the early 1980s, the toad mirror was very popular, and it was almost a must-have for fashionable young people. After so many years, the fashion halo of Toad Mirror has never faded. It is still people's love, especially those stars. Toad mirror can cover most of the face, which is convenient for celebrities to travel, and it is lighter, has a variety of colors, and offsets the heavy feeling of the original metal frame, giving people a very handsome and simple temperament, so celebrities love he. Li Fei'er strolled through the streets of Seoul, not forgetting to wear a pair of fashionable toad mirrors to show a fresh and sweet temperament. The sky blue lenses give people a pure and deep feeling, and the white frame is very atmospheric and fashionable. This new toad mirror will definitely make you beautiful! In addition to this fresh and deep toad mirror, Li Fei'er also likes simple and dazzling dazzling Color sunglasses! Look, a playful and straightforward mirror dress, wearing a colorful classic toad mirror, wearing a dark green printed shirt, matching denim wide-leg pants, the shape is really straightforward. Toad Mirror's lover, can the editor be able to introduce it in one or two sentences or one or two articles. The goddess Song Jia also posted photos of her vacation at the seaside a few days ago. Sunglasses are of course indispensable for her seaside vacation. As for what sunglasses, please look at the pictures! In the photo, she is dressed in a cool dress and a simple toad mirror, revealing scented shoulders and her upper circumference. She looks very plump and is called a goddess by fans. In addition to the actresses, the male stars also love it. Li Jiahang uses a simple toad mirror to create a comfortable and stylish workplace LOOK, handsome and casual, showing the charm of a gentleman. After reading the above introduction, it is not difficult to see that the toad mirror is suitable for various styles, various shapes, and various face shapes. Whether it is a girl or a handsome guy, there is no need to worry about the problem of matching. The new year is coming, let the Toad Mirror wear a fashion halo for you too! Related reading: Toad Mirror Fashion Toad Mirror
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